Megalogística Prepares for the Migration of its more than 150 Clients with Infor WMS

The work methodology proposed in the statement of work was key for the first part of the project.

Cerca Technology, a strategic technology partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, led the go-live of the implementation of Infor WMS in one of the Megalogística distribution centers located in Santiago, Chile.

Go-Live project: Porvenir

According to the strategic plan drawn up by Megacentro at the beginning of the project, Megalogística would be the first logistics operator of the group that would carry out the implementation of the Infor WMS. According to the plan, the go-live of the first of one hundred and fifty customers of the company took place in November 18, 2019, exceeding all expectations.

The most relevant challenges are related to the need for operational processes and information management, both for the company and for its customers. All this, without affecting the operational continuity of customers.

In a conversation regarding the go-live, Ricardo Cox, General Manager of Megalogística specified that among the most important aspects was the ease of use of the system, the speed with which operators learn to use it and the necessary rigor with which they must carry out each of the operational processes.

“After the first month of operation we are already in a position to ensure that we are capitalizing many of the expected benefits of the project, which in the short term will mean improvements and savings,” says Ricardo Cox.

On the other hand, Miguel Morales, Project Manager highlighted the ease with which users began to interact with the tool in an almost intuitive way, especially in relation to the execution of reports and reports that was another of the great needs of the company

Quote by Megalogística

“The cowork proposal proposed by Cerca Technology in its methodology, has allowed everything that we trace to be evidenced during the execution, because we saw that in addition to the material and technological resources involved in the project, there is a large human and professional group giving support to guarantee the success of the project: That has been the key to success.” – Ricardo Cox, General Manager of Megalogística.

Quote by Cerca Technology

“An effective knowledge transfer and the dedication of the team, lead us to celebrate this first great step in enabling optimized logistics processes that support the strategic objectives of the Megacentro Group: a live exit with minimal impact for the operation. In Cerca we are grateful to the trust and committed to the continuity of this effort.” – Aimara Fagúndez, SOLA Professional Services Manager of Cerca Technology.


About Megalogistica

Megalogística is a 3PL logistics operator of the Megacentro Group, an expert in storage, distribution and integral logistic services, recognized as the best support alternative for the reinforcement of its customers’ supply chain. It provides in-house services and in its own warehouses, covering a network throughout the Chilean territory.


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New Client: Signia Logistics Solutions in Peru

Signia Soluciones Logística, third-party logistics (3PL) chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to enhance its logistics operation with the implementation of the Infor WMS.

Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, announces that Signia Soluciones Logística selected Infor WMS to manage the operations of its distribution centers in Peru, raising the levels of service provided to its customers, increasing the accuracy of their inventories, providing traceability of stored products, reducing their operating costs and maximizing the capacity of distribution centers.

Signia stasrted as a business unit of Laboratorios Hersil 30 years ago and thanks to the growth and opportunities presented in the market, in 2012 Signia was established as an independent company specialized in providing solutions to the entire supply chain, from the import and / or manufacture of products until delivery to the final recipient (3PL).

Project News

  • Signia has a fleet capacity of more than 90 vehicles in its 5 distribution centers from where the supply chain of companies of different categories is managed such as: Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Nutritional Pharmacies, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment, Personal Care, among others .
  • The experience and knowledge that the company has especially in the pharmaceutical sector helps them to perform well in manufacturing, storage, distribution practices and the correct handling of the products. Currently, operations management has a highly qualified team.
  • The nature of Signia’s business requires that in its operation they include reconditioning processes where they perform tasks such as: engravings, label printing, promotional packs, presentation changes, fractionation, conversion and transformation of the primary and secondary packaging of the products.
  • At the logistic level, the operation had an in-house tool for 20 years that allowed them to manage their operation, however with the company’s growth they subsequently acquired the Infor ERP to facilitate the administrative processes and now the Infor WMS will be implemented to optimize all the tasks demanded by its distribution centers.
  • With Infor WMS, Signia seeks to improve inventory accuracy, service level, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Signia Logistics appointment

“After evaluating 5 solutions and visiting the operation of some clients of Cerca Technology, we conclude that the Infor solution is the ideal one for our business, the one that will bring the most value to our operation and therefore to our customers” Néstor Montoya, Manager of Operations at Signia Logistics Solutions.

Quote by Cerca Technology

“We are sure that the professionalism of the project team formed by Signia and Cerca Technology, together with the capabilities of the Infor WMS, will allow us to achieve the objectives set for the company’s growth.” José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager.

About Hersil

Logistic services company with experience in the pharmaceutical sector and related since its inception in HERSIL S.A. It offers services of customs and simple storage, transportation and distribution nationwide, manufacturing of products to order, enabling and leasing of infrastructure and value-added services with comprehensive controls throughout the logistics chain. BPA & BPM certification by DIGEMID, BASC, controlled products, among others.

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Dislicores Had a Successful Go-Live during the Implementation of Infor SCE

Change management, accompaniment and applied methodology were the key factors duringg the go-live.

Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, led the live exit of the WMS implementation at the Dislicores distribution center located in Medellín.

Project live departure: August 17, 2019

In line with the digital transformation process that the company started last year, in August of this year, the team formed by Dislicores and Cerca Technology had a successful live departure from the Infor WMS implemented in the CeDi, where a operation of approximately 500 daily orders.

The live departure was divided into two phases: planning that was the period of time in which the expert consultants of Cerca Technology learned about the processes and detected the strengths and weaknesses of the logistics operation of the company and implementation, where from the good practices and knowledge of the weaknesses were redesigned some processes and several pilots were launched that would later ensure a very quiet live start.

The project involved approximately 13 people from both Dislicores and Cerca Technology. Mabel Restrepo, Director of Logistics and Production at Dislicores said that one of the three keys to the success of the project was change management; “Together with the area of ​​human talent, we led a very beautiful campaign with which we wanted older people who could have a resistance to technological change to feel motivated by the steps we are taking as a company and the benefits that this would bring them in their daily labors. ”

Additionally, the Director of Logistics and Production said that the support received by the team of consultants during the planning stage and the methodology applied, had been the other two key factors of success in the project.

Quote Dislicores

“The dedication and commitment of the work team are aspects that guarantee that the objectives are met, however the fact that senior management and the other actors in the chain are involved will allow synergy at the organizational level and therefore decrease the impact on final customers. ”Mabel Restrepo, Director of Logistics and Production at Dislicores.

Quote Cerca Technology

“One of the most relevant challenges of this project was the integration with the ERP, developed by the Dislicores technology area in which 50 integrations had to be contemplated … On the other hand, among the key factors of the project’s success are the high-level team, with great mastery of the tool and knowledge of the business and without a doubt the staggered live exit strategy that allowed us to almost zero the impact of the learning curve and the stabilization of the implementation in a very short time” Wilson Ortiz, Commercial Manager Professional Services of Cerca Technology.

About Dislicores

Dislicores is a Colombian company, leader for more than 60 years in the marketing of internationally renowned products such as wines, spirits, tequilas, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, food and complementary products, which are aimed at generating quality of life, pleasure and well-being. The company over the years has reached national coverage through different channels such as Chains, Wholesalers, Travelers, Liquor and Horecas.


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Cerca Technology a Strategic Partner for the Supply Chain

New Client: Mosaico in Chile

Mosaico, a Chilean company specializing in products for the conduction of water and gas with more than 25 years of experience, chooses a nearby information and technology to potentiate its logistics operation with the implementation of INFOR SCE (WMS).

Cerca Technology, a strategic technology partner for companies seeking to improve their supply chain, announces that Mosaico International Group has selected Infor SCE as WMS software to manage the operation of its distribution centers in Chile, increase the filling rate, reduce its operating costs, have visibility of the operation, increase productivity in picking processes and inventory accuracy.

Mosaico, is a Chilean company specialized in the development and competitiveness of products for the conduction of water and gas, stories such as bathroom and kitchen faucets, bathroom accessories, shower accessories and gastronomy products. More than 25 years of experience in the market, have positioned the company internationally to the point that today it has subsidiaries in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.

Project Facts

  • The company’s expansion was due in large part to the partnership with Sodimac, which with the growth of its business led to the expansion of Mosaic. Today, they have 2 distribution centers located in Chile and Colombia in addition to the operation of subsidiaries in Ecuador and Peru.
  • In 2015, Mosaico acquired a solution that, at the time, met the needs that the operation demanded, however, over the course of these 4 years and with the demands of customers, the current solution no longer achieves the expected indicators, visibility and control.
  • The times of despair and precision in the orders were 2 of the reasons why it is determined to have a world-class solution that favors and complements the company’s digitalization strategy.
  • The new Mosaic distribution center located north of Santiago has 10,000 m2, a space in which approximately 3,000 product references are administered and between 100 – 300 daily orders are dispatched.
  • Mosaic evaluated 3 proposals, however, the follow-up of the commercial process, voice-to-voice references, visits to customers to see the real-time operation of the solution, the functionality of the software, the easy integration and scalability of the software made of Infor SCE and Cerca Technology the perfect fit for the company, indicated Claudio Valenzuela, IT Process Manager in Mosaic.
  • 2 objectives to achieve the implementation of Infor SCE in its supply chain is a 20% reduction in operating costs and a 90% filling rate.

Mosaico Quote

“Evaluate a risk matrix in which he obtained the best score. From Mosaico we were looking for a solution that was integrable with our ERP, what local support and what was a tool recognized in the market for its performance. ”

Claudio Valenzuela, IT Process Manager at Mosaic.

Cerca Technology Quote

“We are very happy to have Mosaic’s confidence for this project, which will surely be a new success story. “The experience of our team of professionals as well as the results obtained in our projects and especially in the construction industry, allowed us to gain this trust.”

José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager.

A Trusted Partner for Digital Supply Chain

As the buzz around digital supply chain grows louder, many companies today are aiming to transition from the traditional to digital supply management. Cerca Technology is a company that offers a helping hand for organizations embarking on a supply chain transformation journey. Cerca Technology and its team of supply chain experts brings game-changing improvements to the domain. Already having a broad clientele in Latin America and the Caribbean, Cerca Technology has offices in Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Panama and the United States. Currently, the company has more than a hundred clients across sixteen countries in four major verticals: retail, manufacturing, 3PL and distribution. Having celebrated its 25th year in business this year, Cerca Technology has executed more than 250 supply chain projects, the majority involving Infor solutions, Cerca’s primary technology and solutions partner.  Led by Gregor Nassief and Bryan Buitrago — experts in technology, logistics and supply chain management— Cerca Technology bridges the gap between an organization and its supply chain solution needs. Team Cerca focuses on adding value to clients’ through improved business results with the effective implementation of solutions for supply chain execution and supply chain planning.

In this interview with CIO Applications, Bryan Buitrago, General Manager of Cerca Technology, gives us insights into the industry developments and explains how the company supports its clients in the age of digital disruption. He also highlights how they help clients overcome the complexities in the supply chain area with effective roadmaps and strategies.

What are the trends and challenges that exist in the supply chain space, and how is Cerca Technology addressing them?

Cerca Technology started 25 years ago and pioneered the implementation of warehouse management solutions (WMS) in the region and we have witnessed the significant evolution of distribution center technologies over the years. Today, omnichannel and e-commerce, driven by more sophisticated consumers, are transforming the way warehouses operate.  These emerging channels require the real time processing of a dramatically increased volume of smaller orders, combined with the need for much shorter delivery times and on-line visibility and traceability.  This requires warehouses to reinvent themselves with modern supply chain technology and processes. Cerca Technology supports our clients in taking this transformation step.

But a complete vision for supply chain improvement not only requires focus on supply chain execution processes but also on supply chain planning processes.  Organizations need to focus on implementing processes and technologies that assist them in better predicting demand, and thus improving order fill rates and achieving optimal inventory levels. This is why we are actively promoting the use of such technologies.  The solutions we implement to support these processes are Infor SCE (WMS) and Infor IBP (Integrated Business Planning).

We are turning the idea of ‘digital supply chain’ into reality, allowing companies to take effective decisions by gathering data from all areas in a company such as warehousing transportation, procurement, manufacturing and others. We take advantage of new-age technologies such as analytics, IoT and machine learning to help clients collect relevant business data in real-time and generate insights for visibility and actionable decision making. We deliver these capabilities to our clients by implementing Infor solutions in a cost-effective manner.  Infor’s solutions, such as Birst for analytics and Coleman for machine learning are among our focus areas. Once the solutions are implemented, our support takes over to provide on-going support and maintenance that refines and improves the supply chain performance.

Backed by years of experience in implementing Infor solutions, our professional team educates clients on the best practices and strategies for supply chain optimization. Focusing on broadening our clients’ knowledge of the supply chain, we promote the use of technologies such as analytics and IoT in improving supply chain planning and optimization.

Give us insights into your strategy to help your clients succeed in their business initiatives.

Many companies start the digital transformation with the evaluation and implementation of technological solutions.  We prefer to guide them in defining the roadmap for digital transformation with a much broader business assessment, ensuring that their business strategy sits at the centre of this digital transformation.

We also of course engage in an in-depth analysis and understanding of the business challenges, “pain points” and business goals which allows us to work with our clients in preparing a technology roadmap and finding the appropriate solutions to meet their requirements.  This overall strategy allows for high-impact solutions with a solid return on investment.  In some cases, we also work with clients to construct the business case in order to understand the required level of investment and expected ROI.

What are the key factors that differentiate Cerca in the market?

The passion, knowledge, and experience that our team brings to the supply chain space combined with our absolute focus on client success.  We are truly zealous about supply chain optimization and this goes beyond the initial implementation, offering on-going support and maintenance so that our clients can focus on their core business processes rather than spending time and energy on IT management.  With the most implementations and highest customer retention in the region, our more than 30 documented client success stories speak for themselves.  We believe our real differentiator is our commitment and ability to work with and support our clients in achieving their business strategy through an effective next-level digital supply chain.

What does the future have in store for Cerca Technology?

Our growth has always been client-driven, and we expect to see continued expansion throughout the Americas, including the US, Mexico and Brazil.  We continue to strengthen our relationship with Infor to better serve our clients as we enter new regions and address the needs of the organizations having a wide range of unique business needs.  We continue to be a learning-focussed organization, continuously enhancing the skill set and knowledge of our amazing team of supply chain professionals.  All of this with a view to creating strategic partnerships with our clients, delivering the supply chain transformation they seek and exceeding their expectations throughout the journey.

Quote: “We believe our real differentiator is our commitment and ability to work with and support our clients in achieving their business strategy through an effective next-level digital supply chain.”


Find the original version here:

New Client: Altipal in Colombia

More and more distribution companies in Colombia choose Infor SCE as the technological solution to optimize their distribution centers


Altipal, one of the most important distribution companies in Colombia with 59 years of experience in the market, chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to optimize its logistics operation and value chain with the implementation of INFOR SCE (WMS).

Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, announces that Altipal has selected Infor SCE as WMS software to potentiate the operation of its distribution centers, leverage the growth of the organization, increase productivity and streamline operational processes with quality and service excellence.

Project Facts

  • Altipal has important companies within its portfolio of suppliers, including brands such as: Diageo, Colgate, Kelloggs, Shell, SC Jhonson among others.
  • From its work as a distributor and marketer, Altipal serves the wholesale channel, supermarkets, self-services and stores. Of these channels, stores represent 70% of their daily operation.
  • “Optimus” is the name of the project with which Altipal seeks to overcome the daily challenges of its operation, such as the use of paper; lack of traceability of productivity, lack of control of batches and automated expiration dates; high operational head count, among others.
  • The company has 21 distribution centers located in different strategic regions of the country. During the project, the implementation of INFOR SCE is contemplated in 5 of them located in Funza, La Estrella, Cartagena, Cali and Salitre.
  • Currently, in the mentioned distribution centers they reach an average of 124,540 orders dispatched per day.
  • For the picking process you have 3 rotating shifts. Each shift has the support of 36 operators (12 in Funza, 9 in La Estrella and 5 in Cartagena, Cali and Salitre respectively).
  • The project includes the activation of 88 users for all DCs.
  • The knowledge, trajectory, experience in implementation and support in the platform were the reasons why Cerca Technology was favored with the project.

Altipal Quote

“The benchmarking analysis we carried out on suppliers and customers already implemented allowed us to determine that Infor SCE was the solution that would leverage the achievement of the objectives we are drawing as a company in the next 5 years.”

Eduardo Galeano, Logistics Manager of Altipal

Quote by Cerca Technology

“Altipal is undoubtedly a benchmark of distribution in Colombia, and with the process of digital transformation of its supply chain, it will be able to develop a differentiating factor to consolidate itself as the preferred organization for the commercialization of products in the country. We are proud to be part of such an important project. “

 José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager.

About Altipal S.A.S

Strategic distributor of large global brands in Colombia, with 59 years of experience in the market. It has coverage in almost the entire country from where it serves approximately 140,000 national customers from different channels such as wholesalers, supermarkets, self-services and stores.

Since 2015, the company defined a Platform for Growth (PPC) as a business priority to transform Altipal into a world-class company and the preferred organization for the marketing of products and services in Colombia.


New Client: Grupo Melo in Panama

Grupo Melo, a company with more than 70 years of experience in the Panama market, chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to enhance its logistics operation with the implementation of Infor SCE (WMS).

Cerca Technology, a strategic technology partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, announces that Division de Almacenes in Grupo Melo has selected Infor SCE as WMS software to manage the operation of its distribution centers, increase the fill rate, optimize workflows, reduce order enlistment times and improve customer satisfaction.

“Apollo 20”, the project name, will be implemented by an interdisciplinary team made up of Melo Companies, Value Chain Management, Inc. and Cerca Technology.

Project Facts

  • Being at the forefront, improving customer satisfaction and the risk posed by the entry of new competitors to the market, were the three main motivators to make the decision to start a process of digital transformation of the distribution center
  • The DC called Cabuya for its location, has more than 10,000 m2, more than 90 operators in two shifts and serves an average of 25 daily orders through manual processes
  • 119 is the number of sales points that DC in Cabuya must attend, among which the following brands stand out: Melo Pet & Garden (37), Comasa (16), Multilaminas (3), Melo Agricultural Warehouses (60) and Melo Distribution Company (3)
  • Melo Pet’s & Garden is a retailer of pet supplies and gardening that distributes from food to accessories
  • Comasa is a marketer of finished building materials and hardware
  • Multilaminas, provider of supplies and services for the furniture manufacturing industry
  • Almacenes Agropecuarios Melo is one of the oldest companies of the group with 71 years and during this time it has been characterized by being a leader in the sale of agricultural inputs nationwide
  • Melo Distribution Company serves agroservices, farms and large-scale producers offering high-quality and high-performance technology packages for the different crops and livestock farms in the country
  • Apollo 20 will serve to optimize the different processes of the distribution center, among which the receipt is highlighted by means of citations, cyclic counts with radiofrequency and pre-assigned location
  • Value Chain Management, Inc. was the consulting firm that led the process of searching, selecting, evaluating the best world-class tools that will allow Grupo Melo to achieve the objectives set. In this process 4 companies participated
  • The robustness, worldwide recognition and scalability of the Infor WMS were the reasons why Cerca Technology was invited to participate in the bidding process of the Apollo 20 project.

Melo Group Quote

“Among all the benefits that we hope to obtain from this tool, the main thing would be to optimize the use of the inventory that is the majority of our working capital. In our business, inventory is the heart of the operation and if it is healthy, the rest is going well”

Yoel Thomas Martin, Vice President and General Manager, Warehouse Division, Melo Group

Value Chain Management Quote

“The main focus of the implementation of the SCE, is to raise the levels of service and accuracy with which we serve our internal customers and therefore the final customer who visits our points of sale. We are focusing the implementation on several objectives: Manage the inventory according to its attributes, increase inventory turnover, reduce losses, increase assortment accuracy, reduce receipt, assortment and dispatch times, increase dispatch levels so that in time and form we can meet our points of sale according to the calendars that have been defined. Likewise, we will prepare the operations so that in the medium term the Company can enter the omnichannel”

Carlos Reiche Russek, Senior Consultant, Value Chain Management Inc.

Quote by Cerca Technology

Grupo Melo has a very clear vision of the logistic model to be achieved and the specific objectives of the project, this allows us to focus on an adequate design to achieve these objectives and the consequent success of the project”

José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager


New Client: Unicomer Caribe

Cerca Technology is proud to partner with another world-class company to optimize its operations with the Infor WMS in Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Belize

In December 2006, Grupo Unicomer acquired the operations of Courts in the Caribbean. This brand of English origin has more than 160 years of experience and worldwide recognition in the home appliances and household goods sector.

Due to the success and operation that Infor SCE has had in the operation of Unicomer in Costa Rica, the group has made the decision to unify the logistic language of its companies in a project that will gradually involve 5 distribution centers located in Guyana, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Belize.

Courts implementation project

Courts, founded in the region 60 years ago, is the largest retailer of furniture, appliances and household goods in the Caribbean. The 93 stores in operation in the 11 countries and the opening of its last two stores in the city of New York, United States are a sample of this.

As for its operation, Courts has a local ERP and due to the lack of software for its supply chain, logistics processes are mostly manual, which has made it difficult to measure the real cost of the operation regarding sales.

René Armando Molina, Logistics Project Manager of the Unicomer Group, indicated that the increase in productivity, the total use of the winery, the reduction of time in picking processes and in general the control of the entire chain, were motivators to continue the work that had begun in Central America.

The project that began in February 2019 at the Guyana distribution center and is estimated to end in the first half of 2021 with the successful implementation in the 5 countries.

Unicomer Group Comment

The reference we have from Cerca Technology is positive, we feel calm because the implementation methodology is quite disciplined, controlled and that ensures that we will meet the times

Armando Molina, Logistics Project Manager for the Caribbean at Grupo Unicomer

Comment Cerca Technology

“The work carried out with the implementation of Infor SCE in the Costa Rican operation, and the proximity to the Unicomer Group work team, allowed us to become the technological ally to optimize the logistics operation of its distribution centers throughout the region. We started this project with the clear objective of optimizing the operation of Guyana and continuing with the implementations throughout the Caribbean”

José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager

Cerca Technology Releases New Website!

We are pleased to officially announce the launch of Cerca Technology new website, designed to facilitate website navigation and access to all content about our solutions, articles of interest, news and leadership team.

The new structure of the page facilitates navigation not only from computers but also from mobile devices, allowing you access to our information from any device, including success stories segmented by industries and downloadable in PDF versions.

The visual lightness, speed, dynamism and intuitive search flow were considerations that we had in mind to improve the user experience. Also, through the contact form you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates, invitations to events and communications of interest from month to month.

Finally and in favor of the commercial relationship with our customers and partners, the new version of the website will also be available in English and Spanish.

We would like to invite you to explore the new website and identify the new technological challenges your company may face in the process of a digital transformation of your supply chain.


Lisette Hernández
Digital Marketing Manager
Cerca Technology

New Commercial Manager NOLA

Cerca Technology welcomes Paola Quiroga, new NOLA Commercial Manager.

Cerca Technology, a strategic partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, announces that Paola Quiroga becomes part of the commercial area as a NOLA Commercial Manager, assuming a strategic role in sales growth and market development in the countries of the North Cone.

Paola will be located in Bogota, from where she will assume the commercial leadership of the company and will have the mission of strengthening the commercial relationship with our current clients.

“We have the security and confidence of Paola’s successful work in the company, as well as the support she will offer our clients in all commercial matters,” says Bryan Buitrago, General Manager of Cerca Technology.

Paola has more than 13 years of experience in advisory sales and business development of technology and services that optimize supply chain processes. He has been part of renowned companies in the sector such as Logyca and Kardex Remstar.

“I am very happy to be part of this great team, there are great expectations of growth and development for the region, which represents an interesting challenge. Additionally, Cerca has a base of current clients who are requiring our support to continue their growth process.” – Paola Quiroga, Commercial Manager NOLA