New Client: Tecnova

Tecnova, a leading company in the auto parts market in Ecuador, chooses Cerca Technology and Infor SCE to optimize logistics operations in its new Distribution Center.

Tecnova, representative of Bosch in Ecuador for the import and sale of auto parts and the manufacture of batteries for cars, meets local requirements and requirements of the Andean market.

Tecnova has had an important growth in recent years and currently has two distribution centers, one in Guayaquil and another in Quito to supply its network of wholesalers and distributors nationwide. With the aim of responding to the requirements of the market served, it uses a modern fleet of own vehicles for urban distribution and logistics operators for provinces.

The volume of its operations made Tecnova begin the search for world-class technologies to improve its logistics capacity, thus enabling it to support the growth and optimization of its distribution channels. In this way, he sought to adapt to the changes and challenges posed by his commercial strategy.

After a detailed analysis, Tecnova decided that its strategic allies for this development were Infor as a world-class provider of solutions for the supply chain and Cerca Technology, an expert in high-impact implementations in Latin America.

“We chose Cerca Technology for our project because we were a world-class implementer with an excellent product that we could meet live. The structure of human talent and processes that I have been able to verify in this first phase allows me to confirm that we made the right decision which will allow us to successfully carry out this important project “says Ricardo Rodríguez Almeida, Logistics and Distribution Manager, Tecnova.

At the end of this first phase of the project, Tecnova expects to have an optimal logistics operation in its new Distribution Center, achieving improvements in productivity, processes, precision and traceability, thus implying a high standard of service to its customers.

“All the deployment made with this implementation will allow Tecnova to boost the investment made in the new distribution center, optimize its logistics operation to further improve its service levels and accompany the growth of the business.

For us it is an honor to be the strategic ally of this important project and in this way to be able to deliver all our experience of more than 20 years in successful implementations in Latin America. We have no doubt that it will be a successful project and will obtain the expected results that will support the continued growth of Tecnova”, commented Jose Luis Gomes, Commercial Manager NOLA in Cerca Technology.

New Client: Megacentro

MEGAFRIO and MEGALOGISTICA, logistics operators belonging to the MEGACENTRO NETWORK, choose Cerca Technology to optimize and manage their logistics operation with the implementation of INFOR SCE (WMS).

Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, announces that MEGAFRIO and MEGALOGISTICA have selected Infor SCE, as WMS software to manage the operation of their distribution centers, in order to standardize the processes for the two companies, improve the online visibility of the operation and automate the calculation of their indicators, increasing their competitiveness and growth capacity. The solution will be implemented by the team of expert consultants of Cerca Technology Chile.


  • One of the reasons that motivated the realization of the project was the implementation of the strategic plan that was drawn Megacentro through the following three objectives:
  • Sustainability based on the operating process and control mechanisms, in order to achieve the efficiency required in each activity, so that the company promotes that all human management contribute value from its identity.
  • Differentiation through constant innovation and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology that allows them to stand out in each business proposal.
  • Adaptation to market changes and needs in order to offer a wide range of solutions
  • During the selection process, the RED MEGACENTRO team was interested in having a world-class solution that included best practices and allowed them to adapt their processes to the system.
  • MEGAFRIO and MEGALOGISTICA will implement the software in 17 distribution centers, distributed in different regions of the country, with more than 150,000 m2 total and for close to 1,000 employees.
  • The first implementation project, which will be carried out in two phases, includes a distribution center of MEGAFRIO, one of MEGALOGISTICA and the Warehouse Management, Transport, Reverse Logistics, Billing and Report Management processes, covering the entire cycle of the operation.
  • The strength that Cerca Technology presented during the evaluation process was its team of consultants, said Ricardo Cox, General Manager of MEGALOGISTICA.


Quote from client:

“Once our Board of Directors made the decision to take the strategic step of migrating from our own (local) systems to world-class solutions, it was up to us to establish the selection methodology and implementation strategy. These were key aspects to consider, knowing the effort and risk of any systemic implementation.

During the process we reviewed several WMS alternatives and at least 3 of them satisfactorily complied with the functionalities required by the logistic companies of the MEGACENTRO NETWORK, for which our vision pointed to the consultant team of each bidder and also to the experiences in WMS implementations in large customers.

This look helped us make the decision to choose Cerca Technology, with whom we already form a robust team in Chile. “- Ricardo Cox, General Manager of Megalogística.

“We are aware of the benefits and challenges that this future implementation entails, which is why we have assigned a multidisciplinary team to ensure that we explore the main features of INFOR SCE and translate the best practices into the business.

On the other hand, the implementation of a software of this level in the organization, implies changes derived from high impact in terms of professionalizing and giving value in the activities of the people, since through the efficiency that this will contribute to the processes of execution, visualize reducing execution activities, and expanding services for evaluation and continuous improvement, which ultimately result in the differentiation and customer service that characterizes us “- Makarena Guardia, Sub-Manager of Control and Management.

Quote from Cerca Technology

“We are committed to supporting Megacentro in the fulfillment of the strategic objectives that it has set. We have consolidated a great team and we know that this project will bring excellent results for the company in the future “- Pablo Peillard, Commercial Manager SOLA

“With the allocation of a dedicated 100% dream team, Megacentro bets on a project focused on knowledge management and obtaining greater long-term value, definitely an example to follow” – Aimara Fagundez, SOLA Professional Services Manager and Manager of the project.

About Red Megacentro

Red Megacentro is a company that originates in real estate, providing infrastructure solutions through the leasing of warehouses, offices and large distribution centers.

The service aims to provide customers with all the facilities to develop their logistics operations, in different geographical positions, in multiple formats and with all the facilities provided by a logistics park, with 46 centers in operation throughout Chile, Peru and the United States. United.

Red Megacentro was born in 1995, with the construction of its first warehouse center for leases.

In 2009, Megalogística was founded, as a way to add value to the winery network, providing more alternative services to customers, thus collaborating in the management of its supply chain, both in external and private wineries.

In September 2013, Megalogística and Frío Chile materialized an alliance that gave way to MEGAFRÍO CHILE, a new brand oriented to satisfy the needs of storage, administration, transportation and distribution of frozen, refrigerated and dry products (Foods), Megafrío Chile also has with two distribution centers in Santiago, and 6 regional branches throughout the country, consolidating the Logistic and integral operation category at the national level.

Thus, Red Megacentro has been venturing into new lines of business that have allowed it to complement the real estate offer and become a conglomerate of specialized companies.

New Client: Marienberg

Marienberg, a Chilean company with more than 78 years of experience in the market for the manufacture of products for Agroindustry and Logistics, chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to implement SCE in its new Distribution Center.

  • Marienberg, a family business, started operations 78 years ago.
  • Starting in Santiago de Chile as a commercializer of jute bags, with imports from India. Today it ventures into new product lines.

It is positioned as the leading plastics production and processing company for the agricultural industry and the logistics industry both in the national and international market, with the manufacture, marketing and distribution of products such as ropes, twine, agricultural belts, bands, strapping, raschel mesh for shading, meshes for horticultural packaging etc.

  • One of the pillars of the company has always been innovation. This is how in 2016 the unification project of its operations began, from the construction of its third production and distribution complex, seeking to centralize the production, distribution and sales processes in the.
  • Historically, the company had stable organic growth but slow for the demands of the market served. The previous thing, due to the physical infrastructure in which their plants were. Logistic operations became complex, given the impossibility of making strategic changes / movements, since the storage locations were determined by the previous architecture.
  • In short, they required an excellent inventory tracking, taking into account the integration with their ERP SAP BO.
  • It was based on these reasons that they began the search for a world-class WMS solution to respond to these corporate challenges in their new Distribution Center.
  • For almost a year they conducted an exhaustive search where they found, after several referencing processes, that both Infor SCE and Cerca Technology were the strategic allies for this project.
  • Among the reasons that motivated the selection, were that the company / s selected were recognized and with international support. That they had proven implementations in the region and clearly that they had integration and compatibility with the ERP, SAP BO.

Medium Term Objectives

Marienberg’s medium-term objective is to optimize the monitoring of its inventory, improve reaction times for customers, delivering better levels of service. Increase the use of labor and obtain a substantial improvement in corporate processes from online information collaborating with other areas of the company.

Quote Marienberg

Quote Marienberg

“We trust that the support that is provided by Cerca Technology in the implementation of INFOR SCE, in pursuit of the improvement of our logistic processes, will enable us to provide better service to our customers, improve our productivity and with it we will face in a better way the future of the market we serve” – Alex Herzberg, COO, Marienberg 

“This implementation means a great cultural change for us and we trust that with the help of Infor SCE we will be able to optimize all the warehouse processes and deal with this in a better way to our internal and external customers.” – Cristián Valenzuela, Head of Logistics, Marienberg

Quote Cerca Technology

“A great start, thanks to the commitment of the top management and the team’s disposition. Value management will be the fundamental axis of this project. With SCE as an enabler of optimized processes, opportunities in productivity and strategic visibility are clear and promising” – Aimara Fagundez, Project Manager, Cerca Technology

New Client: Loginsa

Loginsa, a Chilean company, selects Infor with the SCE solution to consolidate its position as a World Class 3PL.

LOGINSA is a 3PL logistics operator, with more than 20 years of experience in the Chilean market. Pioneer in the provision of broad-spectrum logistics services, today is a benchmark in the industry and is considered the most important logistics operator in the country.

As a 3PL operator, it currently manages 9 Distribution Centers and 7 in-house operations, providing logistic services in most market segments, from industrial operations, retailers, frozen foods, to drugs and medical devices; Its value offer is based on offering integral solutions to the logistics chain.

All this is achieved thanks to its highly specialized staff, with a constant interest in being at the forefront of technology, as well as a vocation of customer service. His experience in different industries allows him to do benchmarking, synergy and economy for his clients through the optimization of processes, using diverse tools of continuous improvement.

The constant concern to add value to its customers and the great expansion of recent years, led to Loginsa taking the decision to switch to a WMS World Class software. The company carried out a long process internally, raising the current needs of both customers and the industry, to subsequently review the availability of tools in the market, looking for the main players.

After a detailed analysis, the critical decision variables by Infor SCE were among others: the high degree of compliance with the functionalities required by the company for the development of the service, Infor’s degree of knowledge regarding the industry, the proven experience in implementations in similar companies, the degree of consistency between Infor’s proposal and what they could verify in the companies where it currently operates.

Due to this, Infor is associated with Cerca Technology, to carry out the implementation of this project, given its proven experience and extensive knowledge of the team of consultants to obtain the best results.

“We understand that by moving to a World Class, such as Infor SCE, we buy logistics training, advances and part of the Know-How that customers demand in this industry, which allows us to become strategic partners of any company by leveraging their new business, “says Eric Lobo, General Manager of Loginsa.

Upon completion of the implementation, Loginsa expects to achieve improvements in service, streamline the transmission of knowledge by having structured information, facilitate internal processes and create synergy between its operations effectively.

Additional achieve productivity standards, greater visibility, connectivity with other softwares and automations, reliability and security of information, high reaction capacity, allowing as a result of these achievements, greater focus on strategic aspects.

All the deployment made with this implementation will allow Loginsa to enhance the investment made, optimize its logistics operation to further improve its service levels and accompany the growth of the business. Says Patricio Troncoso, Cono Sur Commercial Manager.

New Client: Belleza Express

Beauty Express S.A., one of the fastest growing companies within the personal care and health market in Colombia, chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to implement SCE in its new distribution center in Jamundí, Valle.

Beauty Express is one of the most recognized and innovative companies in the country, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of leading brands of personal care and over-the-counter medicines.

Its history began 25 years ago in the city of Cali, with the distribution of foreign brands and today through hard teamwork, on the part of its people highly committed and focused on the result, has achieved a leading position in the market with several of its own brands such as: Arrurrú, Aromasense, Menticol and Stay-Off.

This positioning of its brands has been achieved with products that provide protection, welfare, unique experiences and a superior value to the consumer throughout his life. Its trajectory based on discipline and perseverance, has allowed them today to generate more than 1000 jobs in the region, of which 75% is in the hands of women.

Within its vision, Beauty Express not only poses challenging objectives in terms of sales and market participation, but also has as its fundamental premise “to be a company with a soul and one of the best places to work in the country”, providing its collaborators and their families, a better quality of life.

In order to respond to this premise, added to the need to optimize operating times, increase the productivity of their human capital and ensure the effectiveness of their processes, they decided to undertake the search for an integral system.

Since 2013, the Company has been making constant technological innovations in its Distribution Center. However, he saw the need for a world-class system that would allow him to improve the operations of his CEDI.

He is currently under construction of his new CEDI in Jamundí, which will begin to operate with the SCE solution as of July 2016.

“More than two years ago, the company selected a renowned international logistics consulting firm to carry out a total redesign of its logistics process of storage and distribution. The objective of this consultancy consisted in the design and implementation of a modern and competitive logistics platform, contemplating a new distribution center in the facilities of its plant, the optimization of internal processes, a new logistics equipment, and a world-class software for operations management ” – Juan Francisco Duplat, Planning and Logistics Manager, Belleza Express S.A.

The evaluation to choose an implementer to support them in this process was based, among other characteristics, on the proven experience of suppliers in the Colombian market. Along with this evaluation, an exhaustive investigation was carried out where they looked for internal references with clients from each of the suppliers and decided that Infor and Cerca Technology fulfilled all the requirements to be its strategic allies in this implementation.

“This project, which is structural for the business, is totally aligned with our strategic map, reinforcing our key organizational capacities such as human talent and the organizational culture that we hope to impact very positively, as well as our technological capital, contributing to the development of the marketing channels both existing and new, guaranteeing compliance with the demands and access to the product by customers and consumers, contributing to the continuous improvement of operational results.” – Juan Francisco Duplat, Manager of Planning and Logistics at Belleza Express S.A.

At the end of the Infor SCE implementation process, the executives of Belleza Express hope to optimize the times of their daily operation, to maximize the times in the courses within the CEDI, thus allowing to increase productivity and reduce the turnover rates of personnel.

In addition to the above and not less important, they seek to improve the quality of life of all their employees by basing the change on an internal culture of care and protection.

“The direction of beauty Express has a very clear vision of the business and a focus on the growth of it and its people. We are confident of supporting this growth with the Infor SCE Solution and our extensive implementation experience especially in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector.” – José Luis Gomes, Commercial Manager NOLA of Cerca Technology.

Julián Lasso, new Manager of Professional Services NOLA

Cerca Technology welcomes Julián Lasso, new Manager of Professional Services NOLA.

Cerca Technology, strategic partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, announces that Julián Lasso becomes part of the Operations area as Manager of Professional Services NOLA. Julián will be leading the team of consultants and will ensure the correct execution of all projects and activities with clients from Central America, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela and the Caribbean.

“We are forming a great team and adapting the company’s organizational structure for the new challenges we have. We know that with the leadership of Julián in the NOLA team we will be on the right track” says Virgilio Vivas, Customer Success Director, Cerca Technology.

Julián has more than 13 years of experience in operations management, projects and consultative sales in the technology, services and supply chain sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

“I am very happy with the new challenges that it represents for me to be part of a company like Cerca Technology. This is an opportunity to continue growing, learning and as a team to achieve the best results “Julián Lasso, Manager of Professional Services NOLA.

Infor Xi Platform

Dear business partners.

As part of our commitment to keep our partners updated on the latest information technologies and take them by the hand to the adoption of them, we want to talk about the evolution of the most complete Infor technology platform, Infor Xi Platform.

Xi Platform arises from the need to integrate corporate solutions that previously work in a dispersed and independent manner. This allows us to grow in a unified and highly integrated framework that makes it possible to choose and configure specific solutions that meet the company’s needs.

Based on technologies of collaboration, mobility, extensibility, information analysis and integration, Infor Xi Platform tries to cover the broadest range of needs of today’s companies, allowing us to convert the diversity of technologies that we can count on within the company, in a competitive advantage

Infor Xi Platform has evolved since the beginning of 2011, time in which it involved a few technologies, until today, in its latest release includes solutions such as ION, Grid, Mobile, Infor BI, Federation Services, Infor Document Management, Infor Business Vault, Infor Ming.le Homepages and Infor Ming.le new Portal.

Among the benefits that we can obtain when implementing Xi Platform, are:

  • Transparent integration between company systems
  • Custom work spaces
  • Automatic delivery of information and alerts based on roles and priorities
  • Broad visibility in the organization
  • Automation of tasks via voice and chat commands
  • Point-to-point visibility in the supply chain
  • Unified user experience
  • Extensibility

Something very important to mention is that this technological platform can be deployed both on-premise and, in the cloud, (tenant or multitenant).

In conclusion, with Infor Xi Platform, you will be able to belong to the select group of companies that use the best and most complete state-of-the-art solutions for the management of their companies in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.

Infor will Invest more than US $2 Billion in Latin America

Infor continues its strategy of Promoting Digital Transformation in the global market, including Latin American

November, 2016

Our strategic partner Infor, announced in recent days, has reached a definitive agreement whereby Koch Equity Development LLC (“KED”), an investment and acquisition subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc., will make an investment of more than US $. D two billion dollars in the company. The investment will give Infor access to additional capital growth to accelerate innovation, expand distribution, and continue disrupting the business applications market, in which case, they are the founding premises of their success.

Koch Industries is an American multinational company that employs 100,000 people in the world and Forbes considers it the second largest private company in the United States with an annual turnover of approximately US $100 billion. The investment made by KED considerably strengthens Infor’s capital base and means an entrance to the great eco-system of companies that consider digital transformation throughout Latin America.

Today, our strategic ally is emerging as the first company to move critical business applications to the cloud, which has more than 66 million users of applications in the cloud. The company’s double-digit growth in billing in its last quarter was due to a 130% annual increase in SaaS billing; More than half of the billing of Infor software is now originated by applications in the cloud.

Infor’s unparalleled cloud strategy uses Amazon Web Services, which allows the company to invest in deep market functionalities, with capital that would otherwise be necessary to maintain its own data center infrastructure. The wide range of Infor applications that operate in the cloud with avant-garde data science and a design that provides the basis for modernizing companies in sectors such as health, fashion, retail, distribution, public sector and discrete manufacturing and processes.

Charles, Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, who leads the company towards a new stage of growth, investment and innovation on Koch as “one of the largest private companies in the world with diversified businesses and with enormous resources to support the next stage of growth of Infor”.

Under Phillips’ leadership, Infor has invested approximately US $ 2 billion in product design and development over the past five years, offering more than 400 products, 1,700 integrations and 16,000 functionalities in its CloudSuite product line. Key milestones include:

  • First Company focused on Cloud Industries: By developing specific functionalities, Infor became the first company to have applications for critical missions in the cloud for organizations in sectors such as health, manufacturing, retail and public sector.
  • Labs of Dynamic Science – Right next to the M.I.T. at Kendall Square, Infor has created a data science team with more than 70 PhDs and former professors to provide predictive analytics, virtual learning, and optimization for specific cases in select industries. Recent innovations in retail, inventory optimization and price segmentation were possible due to Infor Dynamic Science Labs and access to hyper scale cloud data with unlimited power.
  • Creative Agency – Infor was the first enterprise applications company to develop a creative agency in New York. The agency called Hook & Loop, focuses on the design and user experience.
  • Global Commerce Network – Infor ION, a state-of-the-art middleware platform that is much simpler and more open than traditional middleware, optimizes Apache ESB open source and a simple XML-based publication and subscription model that uses modern standards of OAGIS. The ability to quickly integrate Infor and third-party applications led ION to become one of the fastest growing Infor products.

Infor announces that the transaction, despite being subject to standardized conditions for its closure and regulatory approvals, expects to close at the beginning of 2017. Infor’s existing shareholders, which include Golden Gate Capital, Summit Partners, and Management, will maintain control of the company. KED will have the right to appoint four of the nine directors of the parent company of Infor.


Infor Launches Solution for Networked Order Management for the Retail Sector

Infor launches solution for network order management for the retail sector

The new solution of Infor for management of the orders allows companies improve the experiences with the customers, optimize DC of stores and eliminate having the inventory sub-used

Infor announces the launch of Networked Order Management solution, with the aim of helping companies and retail businesses improve the shopping experience of multiple channels, allowing greater flexibility to manage inventory. This new solution optimizes the existing network between Infor GT Nexus, the largest business network in the world that includes more than 55,000 companies and that has 6 of the 10 logistics companies and more than 40 financial institutions.

This solution improves customer service by optimizing the use of inventory throughout the supply chain network, reducing stock faults, saving sales and shortening delivery times of products.

“This new solution for order management benefits customers by leveraging the inventory available” says Wade Gerten, Senior Vice President, Retail R & D, Infor. “Infor Networked Order Management has greater access to the options than before to comply with them. This includes shipments, inventory in transit, warehouses of retail companies, network partners and also inventory throughout the network, which was not possible to achieve in the past”.

Infor’s Networked Order Management solution also facilitates the offering of multiple options to customers that include online purchase, in-store withdrawal, online purchase – in-store shipping, and a mix of different item recalls. These complex transactions can be managed within a single transaction directly against the customer. The mobile store component shares the same modern UX (user experience) that other stores use with products at point of sale, clientele, and inventory management warehouse. The UX is intuitive enough and there is no need for users training in the store.

The solution for the product configuration of Infor will be integrated with this new solution for order management, facilitating the creation of its own products and increasing the conversion rate of ecommerce purchases, billing by order and loyalty to the company.

Infor’s AI platform, Coleman, will take advantage of this new solution to determine the best way to manage options by focusing on the customer. For example, if inventory is limited, the available product can be assigned first for customers or to incentivize new customers and markets. Coleman also optimizes decisions not only by learning in the most efficient way which is the best source of the product, but also accelerates the delivery to the highest value customers.

Infor’s modern cloud management strategy greatly reduces the cost and complexity typical of older order management systems. The cloud is more than an implementation strategy for Infor. By creating ecosystems in a network and providing the massive computational power needed for machine learning, the cloud allows problems to be accessed and resolved in ways that were previously not available in previous systems.

Corey Tollefson, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Infor Retail added, “We are excited to provide the industry with a network strategy based on machine learning for order management. This solution is the basis for our ecommerce platform, which was developed to provide sales through multiple channels and an alternative fulfillment for modern retail. Greater value is achieved by combining the integration of solutions for supply chain management, warehouse management, transportation management, and product configuration”.

This new tool for the management of orders not only breaks the traditional barriers between digital commerce and the on-site store, but also creates an opportunity for cooperation between companies and retail businesses to unify and provide better service to customers.

Infor and Cerca Technology Work with Colombian Company, Grupo Éxito for the Implementation of Infor SCE in its Distribution Network in Colombia

Infor and Cerca Technology work with the Colombian company, Grupo Éxito, for the implementation of Infor SCE in its distribution center in Colombia.

Grupo Éxito, the largest retail company in South America is renewed with the update of its warehouse management solution (WMS), with the implementation of the latest Infor SCE version and inclusion of the Labor Management module, Billing, Business Intelligence, among others.


  • Infor and Cerca Technology have worked for more than 14 years, strengthening a solid commercial relationship with Grupo Éxito, which is currently renewed with the update of its warehouse management solution (WMS), passing to Infor SCE, with the inclusion of the module of Labor Management, Billing, Business Intelligence, among others, having among the critical decision variables, the degree of knowledge of Infor regarding the industry and the experience proven in implementations by Cerca Technology.
  • “The project, called Horizonte, aims to implement a set of state-of-the-art software solutions that meet the needs of supply chain execution (Supply Chain Execution). These solutions arrive to modernize the Group’s technological platform, seeking future compatibility with the cloud.
  • The implementation will be carried out within the framework of a project plan and a defined budget, meeting the quality expectations of the promoters and achieving the desired improvements that are deemed achievable by both parties.

Quote form Grupo Éxito

“Logistic management integrated to technological models that allow to develop simple solutions to complex processes; it is the focus of a business group that works for the client to return, with the assurance that his omnichannel attention satisfied his needs at an optimal cost and the best quality. The horizon project is a bastion of an entire assembly of technological processes contributed to the supply chain, in order to ensure that competitiveness and service prevail in every business decision. This project is an essential part of the supply chain strategy, “says Leonardo Valderrama, Supply Chain Corporate Manager of Grupo Éxito.

Quote from Cerca Technology

“All the deployment made with this implementation will allow Grupo Éxito to enhance the investment made, optimize its logistics operation to further improve its service levels and accompany the continued growth of the business.” – Bryan Buitrago, General Manager at Cerca Technology

Quote from Infor

“Customer expectations are constantly increasing and retail companies need systems that provide a consistent experience in all interaction channels. Grupo Éxito, one of the largest retail companies in the region is constantly looking for ways to adopt technology to innovate and that is why they have decided to implement the latest version of Infor SCE, with next-generation features, “says Adriana Gutierrez, Channel Director at Infor Latam.

About Grupo Éxito

Grupo Éxito is the largest retail company in South America. Operates a solid omnichannel, multi-format and multi-brand model. In Colombia, currently, it has 574 points of sale of the Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax, Super Inter and Surtimayorista brands. It also serves direct sales channels such as,, digital sales catalogs, addresses, as well as a portfolio of services such as insurance, travel, mobile telephony, money transfers and multi-payments, among others.