Ransa, a 3PL Leader in Latin America, Successfully Launches Its First Operation with Infor’s Cloudsuite WMS

Ransa, a third-party logistics leader in Latin America, Successfully Launches Its First Operation with Infor’s Cloudsuite WMS, Becoming the First Client in the Multi Tenant Cloud in the World to Enter Productive

Ransa, a third-party logistics leader in Latin America, selects Infor and Cerca Technology as allies for the implementation of Infor CloudSuite WMS (CS WMS).

CS WMS, Infor’s commitment to The Cloud, once again positions itself as the leader in the Gartner WMS Magic Quadrant. This solution allows companies to manage the activities of the distribution center in a comprehensive way. With flexible configuration capabilities and intuitive use, Infor WMS is ready to power the next generation of world-class operations.

Who is Ransa

Ransa is third-party logistics leader in the region with a presence in 7 countries and 34 cities and 80 years of experience providing agile and adaptable solutions to its clients. The Peruvian company has more than 6,500 multidisciplinary workers, highly trained and specialized in attending to the specific requirements of its clients belonging to different economic sectors.

About the Project

In accordance with the strategic plan outlined with the implementation of Infor’s CS WMS, this modern cloud warehouse management system will allow the company to digitize, standardize and streamline its storage and distribution processes.

Currently, Ransa has 46 distribution centers and 171 warehouses, representing a capacity of more than 3.5 million sqm in infrastructure to support all its customers in the region. Given the variety of operations at its various distribution centers, Ransa requires a platform that is powerful and flexible enough to bring efficiency, traceability and optimization to its operations.

The initial scope of the project includes the implementation of two accounts (clients), one in Peru and the second in Ecuador. The implementation of 17 additional accounts is projected until the end of 2020.

“Infor CloudSuite WMS is a highly powerful and flexible solution that supports our clients’ processes, in order to provide differentiated, agile and adaptable services, allowing us to be more efficient, productive and competitive.”
Patricia Wissar, Vice President of Technology at Ransa

The Go-Live

According to the plan, the live departure was carried out on May 11, 2020, despite the challenge that the current situation of the Covid-19 implied.

This successful launch of the project positions Ransa as the first Multi Tenant client in the world to go into production with CS WMS, and confirms Cerca Technology’s commitment to constant innovation in the supply chain in Latin America.

Aimara Fagúndez – Project manager for Cerca Technology, highlighting as keys to success the commitment of a multidisciplinary team, the innovative attitude to take on challenges and rigorous risk management. Likewise, the recent adaptation of the project methodology to develop activities remotely in its implementations is consolidated, given the current travel restrictions.

“The variety of industries, dimensions and complexities of the operations served by Ransa, requires a sufficiently adaptable technological platform. Infor CloudSuite WMS allows not only to respond to this variety of operational requirements, but also to simplify the technological administration of them. The sum of the capabilities of Infor CloudSuite WMS, the team of highly trained professionals determined for the project and the clear definition and standardization of processes, allow us to achieve the proposed objectives ”.
José Luis Gomes, South of Latin America Commercial Manager in Cerca Technology

Reinvention the “New Normal”

To our community,

From minute zero in which we joined the initiative to ensure the safety of our community, we have worked in favor of organizational reinvention, our commitment to our clients being our priority, we are proud to know that the methodology and action plans that we have implemented are giving results.

The first instance and looking after the work welfare of our collaborators, from the Human Talent area, we structured a plan that seeks to extend good work practices to homeoffice work, so that our collaborators from home are in harmony with their life. work and personal, maintaining constant communication with each of them through internal channels. In the same way, this time has not been an impediment to start the on-demand training program with which we internally seek that the most valuable intangible of the company “knowledge” be shared among the collaborators.

As a second measure, the Marketing Area led by the Commercial Management has developed a marketing and communications plan that through different online activities seeks to share the knowledge of our experts and give visibility to good practices, trends and news to the logistics community. . Likewise, the Customer Success Management supported by the professional services team at NOLA and SOLA, have designed a remote work methodology with which our current and future clients will have the peace of mind that the necessary strategic and operational actions will be carried out to achieve project success.

An example of this is the successful launch of the WMS project in one of the largest logistics operators in the region, with a presence in 7 countries, 34 cities and more than 6,500 linked collaborators. The project, which aimed to support the projected growth of the business, raise service levels and maximize the capacity of the distribution centers, was carried out under the remote methodology model and was led by the Management of Professional Services SOLA.

Finally we thank the team of professionals and partners with whom we work hand in hand every day to guarantee the correct operation of the solutions. We are believers that adversity situations are opportunities for improvement and that is what we have been doing. Serving and our community is our priority!

Bryan Buitrago
General Manager
Cerca Technology

Together We Are More

As Covid-19 infections in the region grow exponentially, and isolation measures are increasingly necessary, the number of families that have been affected economically, emotionally and physically is still worrying. That is why today more than ever we unite for solidarity and empathy towards our community.

With the support of Fundación Segundos de Vida, which carries out continuous support for hundreds of children with cancer and their families; Cerca Technology collaborators have joined in a food donation campaign for the poor families of the foundation who have been affected in different parts of the country.

This initiative complements the financial aid that each month both employees and the company contribute to the foundation in order to cover some basic care needs that children require in their treatments.

We know that these are difficult times and that there is an imminent risk to health, that is why we want to thank the foundation for being the bridge so that these grants can reach those who need it and, in the same way, our collaborators for their solidarity, commitment and support.

Case Study: Codelpa

Industry: Construction and Home

Country: Chile

Who is Codelpa:

Grupo Codelpa Colores del Pacífico was born in 2011 after the merger of important Chilean brands such as Ceresita, Sipa, Chilcorrofín and Soquina, becoming one of the most relevant paint and coating companies in the country. The trajectory and market knowledge of these four brands has allowed Codelpa to be recognized today as a highly competitive and innovative company in the industry.

The Need:

After the merger, Codelpa began to show growth in its operations and the need for a more modern and flexible technological solution in its distribution center that would allow additional savings to those evidenced with Provia WMS (a world-class solution). It was also essential, it was in accordance with the new demand and with the CeDi, which was considered one of the most modern in Chile. Additionally, in order to continue strengthening its operation, there is an expectation to review Voice and Labour Management solutions in the future.

The Challenge:

To use new Infor SCE functionalities and capitalize on them for productivity improvements:

  • Batch traceability and shelf life to comply with regulations
  • Optimization of times for working at height of stackers, when only moving cargo from origin to exchange location
  • Greater role specialization by having permanent jobs within the output stream
  • Decrease returns for shipping errors


  • 3% increase in distribution center time
  • 8% improvement in CeDi productivity
  • Process improvement and redistribution of role-specific functions
  • Improvement in daily reports and job monitoring


“Continuous improvement and technological updating were the main engines of this project, a high performance team committed to the success of the project was the key to success” Aimara Fagúndez, Manager of Professional Services SOLA

Case Study: Belleza Express

Industry: Manufacturing

Country: Colombia

Description: Belleza Express is a Colombian company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of leading brands of personal care and over-the-counter medications. It was born in 1990 as an exclusive marketer for Colombia of imported brands and until 2000 began the process of production, marketing and distribution of its own brands.

It serves more than 1,200 national and international clients, it has two distribution centers with approximately 12,000 m2, 14,000 storage positions in double-depth and high-height racking and 3,000 dynamic picking positions.

The company’s portfolio has an average of 3,200 product references, and each month, between 2,300 and 2,400 references are dispatched.


  • 30% increase in operations productivity
  • Improvement in inventory management and control processes by 25%
  • Compliance with dispatch and service promises are greater than 98%

Testimonies: “The active involvement of senior management is essential because it makes a project of this type transversal and strategic for the business. We recognize Infor’s WMS as a highly proven world-class technology, and we especially highlight Cerca Technology’s methodology and knowledge of implementation processes in supply chains. ” Juan Francisco Duplat, Operations and Logistics Manager of Belleza Express.

Case Study: Implementos

Industry: Automotive and Autoparts

Country: Chile

Description: Epysa Implementos is the largest transportation and supplies company in Chile. It has 23 own branches, a high-level professional team and a business ethic that has been strengthening the company’s growth and recognition in the auto parts market day by day.

Epysa has been for more than 35 years, the exclusive representative for Chile of two of the most important, successful and outstanding industrial groups in Brazil: the RANDON semi-trailer factory and the MARCOPOLO bus body factory.


  • The delivery and control times of the documents processed by the CD were improved, according to the established cut-off times to have an OTIF for Invoices of 99%.
  • The volume of operations in the Merchandise Entry has increased considerably, so the WMS has allowed to give more speed to this process.
  • In order delivery, on a universe of approximately 3,000 documents and 16,000 lines per month having a Fill Rate of 98%.


“We have improved the delivery times and the control of the documents processed by the CD, according to the established cut-off times to have an OTIF for Invoices of 99%.” Comments Juan José Bonilla, Logistics Manager at Epysa Implementos.

Cerca Technology on Covid – 19

Serving and our community is our priority!


To our community,

At Cerca Technology, aware of the contingency the world is going through and looking to promote practices that contribute to strengthening the containment phase around COVID-19 in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization, the pronouncements of governments and in order to ensure that our support and services continue without interruption, we report:

  • Customer support and consulting service personnel are equipped to continue working without interruption and to support our clients’ operations.
  • Our workforce is equipped with laptops, VPN access, and conferencing tools so we can work from home as needed.
  • We have digital channels such as Skype and GoToMeeting and telephone line access for those who require holding meetings.
  • We understand and will comply with the measures taken by our clients related to entering their facilities
  • As a preventive measure, visits by external personnel in our offices will be restricted.

It is our responsibility at this time to join the effort of the entire society and also to meet the needs and requirements of our clients and allies. Serving and our community is our priority!

For specific questions or queries related to the ongoing support of your operations, please contact to provide you with the necessary care.

Bryan Buitrago
General Manager

Megalogística Prepares for the Migration of its more than 150 Clients with Infor WMS

The work methodology proposed in the statement of work was key for the first part of the project.

Cerca Technology, a strategic technology partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, led the go-live of the implementation of Infor WMS in one of the Megalogística distribution centers located in Santiago, Chile.

Go-Live project: Porvenir

According to the strategic plan drawn up by Megacentro at the beginning of the project, Megalogística would be the first logistics operator of the group that would carry out the implementation of the Infor WMS. According to the plan, the go-live of the first of one hundred and fifty customers of the company took place in November 18, 2019, exceeding all expectations.

The most relevant challenges are related to the need for operational processes and information management, both for the company and for its customers. All this, without affecting the operational continuity of customers.

In a conversation regarding the go-live, Ricardo Cox, General Manager of Megalogística specified that among the most important aspects was the ease of use of the system, the speed with which operators learn to use it and the necessary rigor with which they must carry out each of the operational processes.

“After the first month of operation we are already in a position to ensure that we are capitalizing many of the expected benefits of the project, which in the short term will mean improvements and savings,” says Ricardo Cox.

On the other hand, Miguel Morales, Project Manager highlighted the ease with which users began to interact with the tool in an almost intuitive way, especially in relation to the execution of reports and reports that was another of the great needs of the company

Quote by Megalogística

“The cowork proposal proposed by Cerca Technology in its methodology, has allowed everything that we trace to be evidenced during the execution, because we saw that in addition to the material and technological resources involved in the project, there is a large human and professional group giving support to guarantee the success of the project: That has been the key to success.” – Ricardo Cox, General Manager of Megalogística.

Quote by Cerca Technology

“An effective knowledge transfer and the dedication of the team, lead us to celebrate this first great step in enabling optimized logistics processes that support the strategic objectives of the Megacentro Group: a live exit with minimal impact for the operation. In Cerca we are grateful to the trust and committed to the continuity of this effort.” – Aimara Fagúndez, SOLA Professional Services Manager of Cerca Technology.


About Megalogistica

Megalogística is a 3PL logistics operator of the Megacentro Group, an expert in storage, distribution and integral logistic services, recognized as the best support alternative for the reinforcement of its customers’ supply chain. It provides in-house services and in its own warehouses, covering a network throughout the Chilean territory.


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New Client: Signia Logistics Solutions in Peru

Signia Soluciones Logística, third-party logistics (3PL) chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to enhance its logistics operation with the implementation of the Infor WMS.

Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, announces that Signia Soluciones Logística selected Infor WMS to manage the operations of its distribution centers in Peru, raising the levels of service provided to its customers, increasing the accuracy of their inventories, providing traceability of stored products, reducing their operating costs and maximizing the capacity of distribution centers.

Signia stasrted as a business unit of Laboratorios Hersil 30 years ago and thanks to the growth and opportunities presented in the market, in 2012 Signia was established as an independent company specialized in providing solutions to the entire supply chain, from the import and / or manufacture of products until delivery to the final recipient (3PL).

Project News

  • Signia has a fleet capacity of more than 90 vehicles in its 5 distribution centers from where the supply chain of companies of different categories is managed such as: Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Nutritional Pharmacies, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment, Personal Care, among others .
  • The experience and knowledge that the company has especially in the pharmaceutical sector helps them to perform well in manufacturing, storage, distribution practices and the correct handling of the products. Currently, operations management has a highly qualified team.
  • The nature of Signia’s business requires that in its operation they include reconditioning processes where they perform tasks such as: engravings, label printing, promotional packs, presentation changes, fractionation, conversion and transformation of the primary and secondary packaging of the products.
  • At the logistic level, the operation had an in-house tool for 20 years that allowed them to manage their operation, however with the company’s growth they subsequently acquired the Infor ERP to facilitate the administrative processes and now the Infor WMS will be implemented to optimize all the tasks demanded by its distribution centers.
  • With Infor WMS, Signia seeks to improve inventory accuracy, service level, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Signia Logistics appointment

“After evaluating 5 solutions and visiting the operation of some clients of Cerca Technology, we conclude that the Infor solution is the ideal one for our business, the one that will bring the most value to our operation and therefore to our customers” Néstor Montoya, Manager of Operations at Signia Logistics Solutions.

Quote by Cerca Technology

“We are sure that the professionalism of the project team formed by Signia and Cerca Technology, together with the capabilities of the Infor WMS, will allow us to achieve the objectives set for the company’s growth.” José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager.

About Hersil

Logistic services company with experience in the pharmaceutical sector and related since its inception in HERSIL S.A. It offers services of customs and simple storage, transportation and distribution nationwide, manufacturing of products to order, enabling and leasing of infrastructure and value-added services with comprehensive controls throughout the logistics chain. BPA & BPM certification by DIGEMID, BASC, controlled products, among others.

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Dislicores Had a Successful Go-Live during the Implementation of Infor SCE

Change management, accompaniment and applied methodology were the key factors duringg the go-live.

Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, led the live exit of the WMS implementation at the Dislicores distribution center located in Medellín.

Project live departure: August 17, 2019

In line with the digital transformation process that the company started last year, in August of this year, the team formed by Dislicores and Cerca Technology had a successful live departure from the Infor WMS implemented in the CeDi, where a operation of approximately 500 daily orders.

The live departure was divided into two phases: planning that was the period of time in which the expert consultants of Cerca Technology learned about the processes and detected the strengths and weaknesses of the logistics operation of the company and implementation, where from the good practices and knowledge of the weaknesses were redesigned some processes and several pilots were launched that would later ensure a very quiet live start.

The project involved approximately 13 people from both Dislicores and Cerca Technology. Mabel Restrepo, Director of Logistics and Production at Dislicores said that one of the three keys to the success of the project was change management; “Together with the area of ​​human talent, we led a very beautiful campaign with which we wanted older people who could have a resistance to technological change to feel motivated by the steps we are taking as a company and the benefits that this would bring them in their daily labors. ”

Additionally, the Director of Logistics and Production said that the support received by the team of consultants during the planning stage and the methodology applied, had been the other two key factors of success in the project.

Quote Dislicores

“The dedication and commitment of the work team are aspects that guarantee that the objectives are met, however the fact that senior management and the other actors in the chain are involved will allow synergy at the organizational level and therefore decrease the impact on final customers. ”Mabel Restrepo, Director of Logistics and Production at Dislicores.

Quote Cerca Technology

“One of the most relevant challenges of this project was the integration with the ERP, developed by the Dislicores technology area in which 50 integrations had to be contemplated … On the other hand, among the key factors of the project’s success are the high-level team, with great mastery of the tool and knowledge of the business and without a doubt the staggered live exit strategy that allowed us to almost zero the impact of the learning curve and the stabilization of the implementation in a very short time” Wilson Ortiz, Commercial Manager Professional Services of Cerca Technology.

About Dislicores

Dislicores is a Colombian company, leader for more than 60 years in the marketing of internationally renowned products such as wines, spirits, tequilas, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, food and complementary products, which are aimed at generating quality of life, pleasure and well-being. The company over the years has reached national coverage through different channels such as Chains, Wholesalers, Travelers, Liquor and Horecas.


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