Case Study Megacentro | Megafrio

    Industry: Storage and Distribution Frozen, Refrigerated, and Dry food products.

    Country: Chile

    Who is Megafriochile?

    Megafrio is a logistics operator of the Food Industry of the Megacentro Group, an expert in storage, distribution, and comprehensive logistics services, recognized as the best support alternative for strengthening the supply chain of its customers. It provides services in its warehouses, covering a network throughout the Chilean territory.

    What were the motivations for acquiring a WMS?

    According to the strategic plan drawn up by Megafrio at the beginning of the project, Megafriochile would be the second logistics operator of the group that would carry out the implementation of Infor’s WMS in the Pedro Jorquera CD, Pudahuel.

    About the project

    By following the strategic plan drawn up with the implementation of Infor WMS, the company seeks to support the projected growth of the business, raise the levels of service provided to its customers, reduce its operating costs and maximize the capacity of its distribution centers. The most relevant challenges are related to the need to redefine operational and information management processes, both for the company and its customers. All this, without affecting the operational continuity of customers.

    Given the variety of operations in its different distribution centers, Megafrio has managed to have greater traceability and agility in its processes thanks to the implementation of the solution, where it can highlight the change management that reflects the team with rapid learning of management and use of the platform.

    “Since we started with the project we have had a very direct accompaniment from Cerca Technology, their good suggestions, both functional and from the development area, have allowed us to take advantage of the benefits and capabilities of the software, something fundamental when customizing the solution according to our needs. ” Makarena Guardia, Project Implementation Manager.

    What do you consider to be the keys to the success of this project?

    From the first moment, during the training, the correct definition of roles was made for those who are directly involved in the administration of the solution, a decision that has been key in the process. In addition, the CeDis that actively involve their operation and transfer knowledge show a very differentiating and successful result. “The relationship with Cerca Technology generates a lot of confidence in us because the team assigned to the project has been with us from the beginning, therefore they know our business and our challenges, so there is continuity and support” Makarena Guardia, Project Implementation Manager.

    What results did they get?

    Although the project is ambitious and encompasses a large number of clients and distribution centers, to date Megafrío has seen improvements such as:

    • Increased productivity in the picking process by more than 5%

    • Increased reception productivity by more than 50%

    • Improved inventory accuracy by 5%

    • Improved inventory visibility by 30%

    • Improvements in customer satisfaction 5%

    • Ease of decision making 10%

    • Improvement in administrative processes 40%

    Automation of key processes (receiving and storage, consolidation, replenishment, wave management and picking tasks, inventory accuracy)

    “Having partners such as Infor and Cerca Technology has allowed us to gain, in addition to improvements in our processes, great support from customers and reliability to acquire new contracts”

    Andres Schmidt, Manager of CD Pedro Jorquera.

    “The size and variety of clients served by Megalogística require a technological platform that is sufficiently adaptable. Infor CloudSuite WMS makes it possible not only to respond to this variety of operational requirements but also to simplify their technological administration. The integration of the functionalities of Infor CloudSuite WMS, the team of highly trained professionals designated for the project, and the clear definition and standardization of processes, has allowed us to achieve the proposed objectives”.

    Wilson Ortiz, SOLA Professional Services Manager.

    Cerca Technology expands its technological proposal for SMBs with invasWMS

    In order to strengthen the technological proposal to accompany medium and small companies in Latin America and the Caribbean to overcome their logistics challenges, Cerca Technology integrates invasWMS into its porfolio. A 100% cloud regional solution, flexible and easy to implement for the advanced management of inventories and distribution centers.

    InvasWMS is present in more than 17 cities in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, operating in more than 100 distribution centers where more than 1,300 operators are already working with invasWMS, capable of processing more than 28,000 orders. per day.

    InvasWMS is the product of the combination of experience and dynamism at low cost. With more than 10 years of experience in the market of technologies applied to supply chains, it is a solution that has been designed to adapt to the size and complexities of companies. “Logistics performance and inventory management for SMBs should not be a concern, but a tool to improve profitability, improve their processes to respond to growth and above all guarantee an excellent level of customer service.” Bryan Buitrago, General Manager of Cerca Technology.

    Impruvex, a Chilean company that develops invasWMS, and Cerca Technology, a transnational company that implements world-class technological solutions for supply chains, make an experienced team available to all SMBs in the region to accompany their digital transformation projects, from the definition, implementation and achievement of results.

    “We were looking for a robust and at the same time flexible solution that would allow us to deliver excellence at a low cost, and we found that in invasWMS. The performance of the tool in the different industries and its total alignment with the needs of the market allows us not only to take our experience to other markets, but also to support the growth of the region.”

    Bryan Buitrago, General Manager at Cerca Technology

    “Cerca Technology is widely recognized for its leadership in the implementation of digital transformation projects for the Latin American market. With an experienced human talent that not only accompanies each project from start to finish, but they have also been participants in changes in best practices that seek to react to the current market”

    Ángel Barrios, Jaime Vio co-founders and Andrés Model, Partner- Director.

    Terminales Portuarios Peruanos choose the UNIGIS TMS to have a more powerful and competitive transport operation

    Terminales Portuarios Peruanos (TPP), a leading logistics operator in the Peruvian market, chooses UNIGIS and Cerca Technology as partners to improve its distribution and transportation management system.

    Who is TPP?

    Terminales Portuarios Peruanos is a logistics operator belonging to the Woll Group, a Peruvian business group with more than 100 years, of vast experience and tradition in transport and logistics, specializing in the maritime and logistics business. Serving exporters, importers, and shipping companies throughout Peru.

    Why did the project arise?

    One of the activities with the greatest economic and commercial impact on the company is transportation, with an average daily operation of more than 200 trucks; therefore, it is extremely important to develop more efficient transport solutions that generate a competitive and differentiated advantage in the market, thereby generating value for customers, providing them with a high-quality service, which allows TPP to be recognized for it in its different Logistic operations.

    Implementing a transportation management system will allow TPP to achieve elements of differentiation in the market, and will become a strategic solution to face these challenges.

    Project News

    The project will have a phased implementation. The company has created a plan where it will progressively have the TMS in four operating circuits.

    The main processes considered in the project include:

    • Optimal route planning is based on multiple variables.
    • Route tracking and traceability.
    • Certification of deliveries in real-time.
    • Comprehensive management of freight administration.
    • Visibility to customers of the status of their deliveries.

    UNIGIS TMS will be integrated with different corporate systems involved in TPP’s distribution and transportation processes.

    “Starting this project will allow us to obtain very important synergies. The search for efficiency in streamlining transportation, the need to improve the availability of equipment to increase its loading frequency, as well as the reduction in operating costs, has prompted us to implement the UNIGIS TMS.”

    Alejandro Rodriguez, Project Steering Committee

    “We know the importance of optimizing the transport operation for TPP in the current context. Being able to support this new challenge and contribute to the optimization and continuous improvement of the company is a source of pride for us”

    Jose Luis Gomes, Senior Sales Manager at Cerca Technology

    Case Study: Muebles Jamar

    Industry: Retail

    Country: Colombia and Panama

    Description: Jamar is the leading company in the design and marketing of home furnishings in Colombia. Throughout its 70 years of experience, the company has positioned itself as the ideal complement for happiness at home and its success has been thanks to the culture of innovation that it promotes. Today they have a presence in Colombia and Panama.

    The organization has bet on logistics development to fulfill one of its sales promises: “perfect deliveries”. Hence, they have executed two megaprojects such as the Atlantic Logistics Industrial Center, the first furniture cluster in Colombia that has 87 hectares, and the largest furniture CeDis in Colombia, which is also the second-largest in South America with 35,000 meters square meters and capacity to dispatch up to 32,000 monthly orders.


    • 15% increase in efficiency and productivity in picking tasks in the mattress area.
    • 20% increase in the level of customer service. Greater control and visibility over purchase orders, and the ability to prioritize work, have enabled improved customer service with complete deliveries.
    • 80% efficiency of real-time measurement of productivity and task news in voice-certified cages visualized through dashboards.

    “We began the search for a system that would allow us to reduce task times, unnecessary actions that will generate distraction in the picking process, that would facilitate the handling of products and at the same time be comfortable for the operators, increasing productivity and reducing errors. ”

    Gilberto Hernández, Logistics Director at Muebles Jamar

    Italcol, a Colombian company specializing in concentrated foods, chooses Infor CloudSuite™ WMS to improve its level of customer service

    Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, announces that Italcol has selected Infor CloudSuite™ WMS as the software to achieve better control of its inventories, increase the level of service, optimize resources, process information in real-time, facilitate decision making, and improve productivity indicators.

    Who is Italcol?

    Colombian company specialized in the manufacture, distribution, sale, and export of concentrated feed for livestock species, sale of raw and premixed materials. It has 20 plants located in Colombia, Ecuador and Panama from where more than 2 million tons of food are produced annually and close to 500,000 thousand tons of raw material. Its more than 1,800 distributors and 3,300 employees have been part of the success of the company’s growth.

    Project News

    • Italcol seeks to lead the Andean and Central American market of balanced feed for animals. To achieve this, they know that customer satisfaction is essential, which is why one of the goals that the company has set for itself is to improve the management of its logistics operation.
    • The project has 3 fundamental objectives, the first is to increase the accuracy of the inventory, improve the precision by reference/location, and obtain total traceability of the products.
    • The second is to improve the productivity of the operators, through the application of good practices to reduce operating costs, reduce errors, maximize space in the warehouse and allow the growth of the operation given the impact that the e-commerce model is having on your customers.
    • The third is to improve the level of customer service, reducing delivery times, increasing order fulfillment, having real-time visibility, and meeting new customer needs such as Kitting requests and merchandise shelf-life management.
    • The project will be implemented in the distribution center of Palmira, Valle del Cauca, and will be extended to the different CeDis of the company.

    “Cerca Technology was selected for its experience and knowledge in logistics processes, essential to achieve the objectives that Italcol seeks in its distribution centers by taking advantage of new technologies”

    Ricardo Alberto Corredor, Corporate Technology Manager.

    “Italcol is seeking to raise the level of maturity of its logistics operation with a world-class tool that will allow it to be at the forefront of its processes, as well as to meet current challenges and support future business growth. For us, it is very gratifying to be able to accompany them in this transformation.”

    Paola Quiroga, NOLA Commercial Manager at Cerca Technology.

    Olimpica, one of the largest retailers in Colombia chooses UNIGIS TMS to improve its efficiency and level of customer service

    Olimpica, one of the leading retailers in Colombia, chooses Cerca Technology and Unigis as allies to lead the digital transformation process of the distribution and transportation operation. With this initiative, the company seeks to strengthen its omnichannel strategy, optimizing the use and capacity of the fleet, increasing the visibility of the operation, reducing operating costs, and improving the level of service to the end customer.

    Who is Olimpica?

    It is the fourth leading company in the retail sector in Colombia, in the supermarket category. They have an extensive private network of more than 386 establishments in the form of Stores, Superstores, Superdrug stores, and Drugstores located in 21 departments throughout the territory. The chain distributes everything from mass consumption products, fruits, vegetables, and household appliances to textiles and pharmaceutical products, among others.

    Updates about the project with TMS

    The project will have a phased implementation where Cerca Technology will accompany the first live outing and at the same time will carry out a knowledge transfer process that will allow the Olímpica team to roll out.

    The company has created a plan where it will progressively have the following modules in its operation:

    • Routing: (Optimal Distribution Planning Module) optimal route planning is based on variables such as weight, volume, packages, customer time window, speed, restrictions, among others, to optimize the use and capacity of the vehicle fleet with planning geography.
    • Tracking: (Execution Monitoring and Control Module) It integrates with the carriers’ GPS and allows visualizing the planned routes versus the routes executed and measuring the level of fulfillment of deliveries and collections, returns made, and productivity of the units.
    • Mobile: (Delivery Confirmation Module) Real-time delivery confirmation with proof of delivery (POD), photo, signature.
    • Fleet: (Integral Transport Management Module) manages clients, transport, drivers, rate charts, documentation, values trips for payment to the carrier.
    • B2C-B2B Portal: Visibility to customers of the status of deliveries and orders.

    UNIGIS TMS will be integrated with current ERP (SAP) solutions and e-commerce software.

    “We have high expectations of the changes that the company will have with the UNIGIS – Cerca Technology duo, the numerous clients that use the solution, and the years of experience of both companies give us the peace of mind that we made the right choice…”

    Omar Villamil, IT & Supply Chain Manager at Olímpica

    “We are very proud to accompany Olímpica in this process of digital transformation of its transport model by implementing the UNIGIS TMS solution. This project seeks to integrate best practices, optimize resources and raise the level of service to its branches and customers.”

    Paola Quiroga, NOLA Commercial Manager at Cerca Technology

    “Being able to meet the objectives and exceed the expectations of each project is our priority and we are sure that teamwork with Olímpica and Cerca Technology will provide the expected results, generating significant benefits and thus begin a long-term relationship as strategic allies.”

    Elizabeth Sutton, UNIGIS VP of Sales & Co-founder at UNIGIS

    Codelpa bets on the search for greater operational efficiency based on voice technology with Cerca Technology and Honeywell Voice

    Cerca Technology, a technological technology partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, led the live launch of the implementation of Honeywell Voice technology in the Codelpa Chile distribution center.

    Codelpa was born in 2011 after the merger of important Chilean brands such as Ceresita, Sipa, Chilcorrofín, and Soquina, becoming one of the most important paint and coating companies in the country. The trajectory and knowledge of the market of these four brands have allowed Codelpa to be recognized today as a highly competitive and innovative company in the industry.

    Continuing with the digital transformation process traced by the organization since 2015, voice technology for picking processes will be excluded from the logistics navigation chart, in order to seek greater productivity and safety in the process through the technology center of the distribution. The project was launched in July 2021.

    Project live output:

    The implementation of voice technology was successful from the setting of the objectives to the live output, mentioned José Miguel Miranda, Distribution and Logistics Manager; who added that thanks to the experience of having worked with Cerca Technology in the implementation of the Infor WMS, on this occasion they felt calm and expectant for the improvements in the operation and the working conditions of the team that supports the enlistment process.

    The project called “La Voz del Color” favors 24 operators who, before using Honeywell Voice, could take up to 26 minutes to prepare an average order, while now they do it in 22 minutes, saving time and reducing errors in the dispatch of orders. The foregoing takes into account only the last two months, so it is expected to reach a higher number in the first half of 2022.

    During the support process, communication, trust and the transfer of knowledge by the Cerca Technology team were key factors in the positive results, said Victor Arévalo, Head of Logistics Operations, even when there were mobility limitations due to the pandemic. On the other hand, the appropriation of the use of the new technology by the Codelpa team facilitated socialization and training among users, who were motivated by knowing the benefits that the tool would provide them.

    As part of the initial results, you will be prepared to show that a group of operators show higher productivity using Honeywell Voice compared to previous technology. In addition to improvements in indicators such as:

    • Productivity increase of 16%
    • 99.95% order picking accuracy
    • Reduction in training time of 50% compared to other technologies.

    “Codelpa continues to work on constantly updating its technological tools with the aim of improving the management indicators of the distribution center year after year, and we value the support and commitment that the Cerca Technology team gave us”

    José Miguel Miranda, Distribution and Logistics Manager at Codelpa

    “One of the main challenges of this project was the implementation in times of pandemic, the restrictions on mobility and attendance at the cedi were not inconveniences to carry out a successful implementation”

    “Additionally, among the key success factors of the project, the committed team with great mastery of the tool and knowledge of the business stand out, and without a doubt the go-live strategy, which led us to reduce the impact of the learning curve to almost zero. and probability of the solution in a very short time”

    Wilson Ortiz, Business Manager Professional Services at Cerca Technology

    Fanalca, a Colombian company pioneer in the country’s automotive assembly, chooses Infor CloudSuite ™ WMS to strengthen its growth strategy

    Cerca Technology, a strategic technology partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, announces that the National Bodyworks Factory, Fanalca selected Infor CloudSuite ™ WMS as the software to achieve greater efficiency, ensure the quality of services, optimize resources, process information in real-time, facilitate decision-making, reduce process time and improve the customer experience. The contracted solution is in the cloud, which will allow the company to focus on its business objectives.

    Who is Fanalca

    Leading Colombian company in the automotive sector, with more than 60 years in the market. Its dynamic, modern, and diversified structure is a sign of the rapid adaptation that the company has had to market changes. It has a human team of more than 6,516 employees and a turnover of 235 million dollars.

    The organizational structure of Fanalca is made up of 6 strategic business units (SBU), among which the motorcycles and cars business unit stand out due to the representation that the company has of Honda Motors since 1978. The management of its chain of supply is based on the acquisition of national and imported spare parts, and 2 distribution centers in Yumbo and Bogotá.

    Project news

    Link is the name of the business digital transformation program with which Fanalca will address aspects from analytics, distribution center management, inventory management, integrated demand planning, CRM, and CS-Network.
    Some of the main challenges of the operation are detailed traceability of all movements made in the CD, elimination of decision-making by operational staff, centralized management of all resources and activities carried out in the CD, guaranteeing access to product information, timely information for decision-making, and centralization of the operation.
    The company currently serves the network of clients nationwide, responding to the demand for spare parts and services, from where more than 30,000 units are dispatched daily between (spare parts, batteries, and lubricants) through its logistics network.
    The project will be implemented in the Yumbo distribution center, Valle del Cauca, and will have an integration to the vertical storage solution they currently have.
    The two key factors in choosing Infor CloudSuite ™ WMS were the ability to have a robust solution that grows with the operation and the support of an experienced implementer.

    Fanalca quotes

    “Cerca Technology was selected for being a leading company in the technology tools implementation market, both companies will work on the implementation of Infor CloudSuite ™ WMS in order to improve the management of CeDi, from which the Honda spare parts operation is managed. motorcycles in Colombia, this initiative is part of the Link program that aims to improve the experience and level of service for our customers. ”

    German Guzman, Director of Honda Operations at Fanalca

    Quote from Cerca Technology

    “Fanalca is leading a very important digital transformation process and we are very happy to be part of this project, with the implementation of Infor CloudSuite ™ WMS to manage its processes in the spare parts CeDi. With this implementation, Fanalca will be able to raise the level of logistics development and will be able to capitalize on all commercial opportunities, impacting the level of service ”

    Paola Quiroga, NOLA Commercial Manager at Cerca Technology.

    Signia Logistics Solutions digitizes its operation during the pandemic

    Signia is a Peruvian company with more than 30 years of experience providing logistics services to leading companies in their sectors. In Peru, it has a fleet capacity of more than 90 vehicles and 6 distribution centers, from where approximately 40,000 SKUs are administered. Signia is part of the Hersil Group, a company with more than 2,000 employees.

    The experience and knowledge that the company has, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, allows it to provide its clients with good manufacturing, storage, and distribution practices, generating value in the quality of services, as well as process efficiency and client satisfaction.

    What were the motivations for acquiring a WMS?

    The motivations were fundamentally the need for growth.

    The growth in specialized processes, transactions, and infrastructure forced us to look for robust and flexible technological support to enhance good practices and operational efficiencies.

    “Today, more than ever, the need to automate and streamline processes and times to meet customer needs has become evident and the WMS solution aims at this”. Néstor Montoya, Signia Operations Manager.

    Why did you choose the Infor WMS?

    One of the factors that led to choosing the Infor SCE WMS was the experience with its ERP with which we managed to support the processes and have knowledge of the interfaces, warehouse management, inventory, and dispatch; this allowed us to rapidly scale to the WMS through a roll-up implementation by clients.

    How was the live outing and what do you think was the key to success?

    The live output was very particular since we were at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, air flights were restricted and part of the team was quarantined, this forced us to establish a remote communication mechanism with CERCA but very close virtually to accompany the live output and subsequent support in the stabilization adjustments.

    There were 2, key factors that allowed to start operations with the Infor WMS without interruptions:

    Conceive the project from operations and adopt good practices to the way SCM processes were being managed
    Have the support of senior management and a team committed to operations, technology, and our implementation partner (CERCA)

    What have been the partial results obtained?

    Reception with online information through bar codes and storage strategy to optimize storage and production line.
    Picking with position and product readers to increase picking productivity and eliminate the margin of error in picking.

    Signia Quote

    “In a team with Cerca Technology we managed to obtain a successful project, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we achieved the goal! For its part, Infor’s WMS has allowed us to strengthen our logistics operation to support the growth of the company and provide greater satisfaction to our customers ”

    Néstor Montoya, Signia Operations Manager

    Cerca Technology Quote

    “The strategic vision and the dedication and commitment of the Signia team were essential to achieve a successful project. This implementation shows that Infor CS WMS is a flexible and complete tool, ready to meet the needs of one of the most demanding industries in terms of traceability and logistics complexity, such as Pharmaceuticals ”

    Aimara Fagúndez, SOLA Professional Services Manager at Cerca Technology.

    Cerca Technology strengthens its TMS practice with Unigis at Empresas Najri

    Empresas Najri, a leading distributor in Dominican Republic (Production and distribution of Fertilizers, Agrochemicals, seeds, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, and personal care and hygiene) chooses Unigis and Cerca Technology as allies for the improvement of its system of transport management.

    Unigis applies the latest technology such as IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to find innovative, scalable, and efficient solutions to the challenges faced by companies in the last link of the supply chains, allowing them to adapt in an agile way and natural to market demands.

    Who is Empresas Najri

    Empresas Najri is a conglomerate of national companies from Dominican Republic, both in the agricultural and commercial areas, among which Ferquido, Prosequisa, Gomep, Dr. Collado, Sebastián, and Login stand out, it has more than 70 years of experience in the market in the areas of fertilizers, agrochemicals, seeds, Pharmaceutical products, personal care, and hygiene, food, and beauty, among others. Thanks to its leading brands, this group has managed to establish itself as one of the most solid, diverse, and dynamic to date in the country.

    In 2010 Login was founded, whose company is the logistics operator in charge of the logistics administration and distribution of the group’s pharmaceutical and personal care business.

    Why does the need arise?

    This project was born based on the growth projection that the company has, and the need to optimize delivery times, reduce operating costs and improve the level of customer service. From transport planning, the contribution to achieving these objectives requires greater control and visibility of the operation, which until now has been done manually.

    The challenges in transport logistics presented by Empresas Najri’s operation are:

    • Seek efficiency in the route planning process by optimizing it and reducing the use of vehicles and operational costs
    • Comply with established times, visualize news that occurs in dispatches and deliveries.
    • Keep the sales force and the customer informed of the order status in real-time.
    • Measure and optimize the operation to make better decisions in the development of the operation

    About the project

    The project aims to support the supply chain digital transformation process that began after the implementation of Infor’s WMS. The project will allow the company to have the following functionalities in its operation:

    • Cargo and route optimization
    • Route monitoring and traceability of each vehicle by GPS
    • Carrying out the delivery compliment with mobile devices.
    • Record of “non-compliant” or expired material that returns to CeDi
    • Performance indicators for each vehicle.
    • The implementation of the project will be carried out in the operation of the main distribution center located in Santo Domingo, from where around 300 clients are served.

    Najri Quote

    “The search for efficiency in speeding up transportation, the need to improve the availability of use of the equipment so that they can increase their loading frequency, as well as the reduction in operating costs and the transparency of the status of the order, it has prompted us to implement the Unigis TMS. ” Sandy Tejada, Logistics Manager at Empresa Najri

    Quote from Cerca Technology

    «Accompanying the growth of our clients with innovative technologies is a fundamental pillar for Cerca and we are pleased to be that strategically of Empresas Najri so that through the Unigis TMS solution it can support its growth and increase its level of service ” Carolina Garzón, Sr. Business Development at Cerca Technology