Case Study: International Hardware

Industry: Construction and Home

Country: Panama

Description: Panamanian company leader in the import and regional distribution of hardware products, construction materials and household products. It has a world-class logistics infrastructure that allows you to take your products to more than 20 Latin American and Caribbean countries. This company is a leader in distribution of local and international hardware and construction items.


  • Inventory Accuracy of 80% to 99%
  • The order cycle was reduced from 16 to 4 days
  • The paper used was reduced by 95%

“This was a project that was paid in less than 24 months; the savings achieved exceeded the investment made in a very short time. We are very satisfied with the work done and the results obtained ” – David Cohen, Vice President of Operations at International Hardware.

Case Study: Industrias Ceresita S.A.

Industry: Manufacture

Country: Chile

Description: Over 70 years in the market and with presence throughout the country, is the leading company in the field of paints, covering several diversities: decorative, industrial, marine, dust and sanitary varnish paints.


  • Greater control of the operation; You can know the pending tasks in an exact way and plan the resources according to this
  • 37% reduction in waiting time in docks


“To remain the number one, we must be ahead in each of the areas of business, which is why we believe that with tools such as the WMS Solution we can continue to improve in terms of customer service, response times and control of the associated costs “- Edgardo Zamora Logistics Manager of Industrias Ceresita SA

Case Study: Grupo Gollo

Industry: Distribution

Country: Costa Rica

Description: It is one of the companies with the highest growth and projection in the Costa Rican market. Founded in 1974, in the city of Alajuela, with only four employees, it grew with such speed that six years later, it already had 6 businesses that were opening the way for the brand.


  • The satisfaction of the customers in relation to the conformity of the orders, the delivery time, among others, increased by 35%
  • Reduction of errors by orders by 50%.
  • The number of units shipped increased by one due to the fact that more orders are served per day.


“Each stage or phase of the project was accompanied by the Cerca Technology Project Manager, who acted as a guide for the company’s work team during the development of the implementation. In this way, a joint effort was finalized to culminate in the live exit to be successful and the first steps of the Gollo Group began in a systematized Distribution Center from the reception to the office”. Gilberto Rojas, Logístics Manager, Grupo Gollo.

Case Study: Forus

Industry: Distribution

Country: Chile

Description: Chilean company leader in design, production, import and marketing of footwear, apparel and accessories of major brands with a powerful network of own stores in Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

In its 31 years, it has achieved a sustained growth in sales, an important participation in the market with its different brands and concepts, internationalization and a good profitability that allows it to look to the future with optimism and continue being the leader.


  • The satisfaction of the customers in relation to the conformity of the orders, the delivery time, among others, increased by 35%
  • Decrease of order errors by 50%
  • The number of units shipped increased by one due to the fact that more orders are served per day


“There has definitely been a more efficient management of orders, the accuracy of the inventory was increased, the operation is better tracked and a general vision of the business is obtained through the indicators provided by the system to take actions”. Patricio Ramírez Project and Logistics Manager at Forus.

Case Study: Font Gamundi S.A.

Industry: Manufactura

Country: Dominican Republic

Description: Recognized Dominican logistic operator, specialized in services for companies marketing pharmaceutical products. It successfully initiated operations with the WMS solution implemented by Cerca Technology and aimed at responding to two of its structural corporate objectives: to grow in an orderly fashion and attract new multinational clients.


  • Decrease lead time from 24 hours to 12 hours
  • Fastening of physical space between 25% and 30%


“Being successful in Latin America, we thought that they would not be oblivious to the challenges they might encounter in the Dominican Republic” – José Luis Thomas Executive Vice President of Font Gamundi.

Case Study: Derco Chile S.A.

Industry: Distribution

Country: Colombia

Description: The Derco group was founded in 1959 and directly employs more than 1000 employees, in addition to its partners Dercocenter and Dercomaq network throughout Chile. The Derco Companies concentrate their operation in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago from where they distribute their products throughout the country to their branches or to their wide dealer network.


  • Improvement in inventory control at 99%.
  • Office quality 98.7%.


“The growth of the business and the markets in which we operate have meant a substantial increase in the number of products and tasks that are developed in our yards and warehouses. The spare parts business has grown, and now the new Derco Distribution Center is the most modern in Latin America in its kind”- Juan José Vasallo, Logistics Manager Derco Chile.

Case Study: Brinsa

Industry: Manufacture

Country: Colombia

Description: It was born in 1994 from the purchase of the land and the old plant of Álcalis de Colombia to the Colombian state by private shareholders. Brinsa has established itself as a leader in the production and sale of salt for the REFISAL table, complementing the line with other types of salts such as dietetics, barbecue, salt crystals, flavored, among others. With the variety of salts, it is possible to satisfy specific needs of the consumer and other sectors of the economy such as textiles and food.


  • Optimization of storage capacity, supporting sales growth without making planned investments to expand the distribution center.
  • 37% reduction in waiting time at docks.


“We selected Cerca Technology, for its experience and its solution is tested in high performance Distribution Centers. Cerca Technology proved to be a connoisseur of the subject and made available to Brinsa his experience in the construction of this type of solutions. One of the most important characteristics of them, is the methodology of implementation of projects, with knowledge transmission to the client, they proposed a friendly solution, stable and focused on better logistical practices” – Carmen Teresa de la Ossa, Supply Chain Manager of Brinsa SA

Case Study: Implosa

Implosa, a leading company in Panama in the distribution of materials and supplies for the Construction and Infrastructure Industry, increased its productivity by 48% from the implementation of Infor SCE in its main Distribution Center.

Implosa, a Panamanian company, started operations in 1965 and is currently considered a leading company in the construction, plumbing, electricity and gas infrastructure and fire-fighting markets. The company is cataloged by the guild of construction professionals, as a company that offers products and materials with guaranteed quality seal, providing the best advice and the best prices to its customers.

Recognized as a full-service company with more than 230 employees, today Implosa has 4 warehouses strategically located in Panama, which also act as a warehouse and as a point of sale. Due to the high volume of operations with its products and the leadership that has characterized the company, the construction of a new distribution center that allowed to improve the delivery times, increase the quality, quantity and availability of products, unifying the logistics, began. in one place and looking to positively impact your market in terms of product availability.

What was the Logistics Operation and the challenges they had before the Implementation?

One of the warehouses of Implosa, the most central, began its process of very fast growth becoming by corporate strategy, in the main warehouse and administrative headquarters of the company. From there the other stores and the local market were supplied. In terms of technological platform, the logistics operation relied on the ERP.

The rapid growth of the business, in terms of the continuous increase in demand, was one of the challenges that, to a greater extent, encouraged the organizational change and the rethinking of the logistics strategies that until now had been handled and led to the construction of a center of main distribution in charge of the receipt and storage of products from the suppliers and their subsequent distribution to each of the warehouses.

In the search to find a system that offered them a complete visibility of operations, automate processes, plan the growing demand, reduce process times and costs, Implosa began the search for a strategic ally that would respond to their logistical needs.

“We were looking for our choice to respond to a strategic partner who understood not only our logistics structure and our operation but also our business philosophy and who also identified with it” – Eduardo Chanis- Logistics Manager of Implosa.

This was how Implosa, after a rigorous evaluation exercise of several proponents, found in Infor the ideal solutions for their business. Infor SCE (Supply Chain Execution) as an integral solution for the management of its distribution center, and Infor Demand Planning for a complete analysis of the demand. Both solutions were tailored to their logistical needs.

Infor and Cerca Technology as strategic allies

Among the different variables that accompanied the selection process and that both Infor and Cerca Technology answered 100% were the compatibility and ease of integration with the technological platform that already had the company, the robust environment offered by the Infor platform SCE and the most important the positioning of Infor and its recognition in the region in the hardware sector, added to the stability of the system that other Infor customers referred to.

“The trajectory and positioning of Infor in the Latin American market, as well as the experts and the support at all times of Cerca Technology in both the implementation and training phases, made the perfect combination” – Eduardo Chanis, Logistics Manager of Implosa.

The New Implosion Wave

Implosa knew in advance that any change would generate resistance. For this, supported and led from the General Management for this project, they implemented a strategy of active inclusion of all their staff, where the work committed to the existing human capital, without hiring third parties and thus empowering them so that everyone would think in the “New Wave of Implosion”. So, people were adapting and buying the business idea mitigating the risk of desertion or dismissal of the project.

The quantitative and qualitative results were immediate

“Basically, I emphasize the constant support of the company’s directives added to the experience and support that Cerca Technology provided to us as a company, listening to our needs and giving a proactive response. It is also worth highlighting the quality of the consultants that Cerca Technology assigned to the project, who advised us very well in everything related to the project “- Eduardo Chanis, Logistics Manager of Implosa.

After almost 6 months of its live departure, Implosa’s directives stand out among the most notable improvements, the control of the inventory added to the control of the processes and the operative personnel. Based on the first measurements, within the quantitative improvements highlight:

  • The improvement of the Fill Rate, from 80% to 95%
  • The increase in productivity by 48%

According to Implosa’s directives, one of the objectives of the project was to improve visibility and control the operation; in this sense Implosa reports the following qualitative improvements:

  • Store assortment is more on time and accurate
  • They achieved full visibility and control over the orders, which, together with the ability to prioritize the work, has allowed to improve the customer service
  • They optimized the use of the storage capacity of the new distribution center, which has allowed them to maximize the investment made.

“We knew that with Infor as a solution and advised by Cerca Technology, Implosa would reach its customers much faster. After the implementation, we can confirm that we were not mistaken in this decision and that we chose the best partners in the market “commented Eduardo Chanis, Logistics Manager of Implosa.

The implementation of Infor SCE – WMS, marks the fulfillment of the first phase of a larger project. The next stage is the implementation of the Infor Demand Planning solution, with a clear objective of optimizing working capital in inventory and improving levels of customer service. Likewise, it is planned to expand the implementation of the WMS to each one of the branches and implement Voice technology for the picking processes in the distribution center.

“The clear vision of the management of Implosa in the growth, and its commitment to provide the business with the bases in processes, technology and human capital to support the growth, have been key in the success of the project. This first implementation is a clear demonstration that the proposed objectives are not only achievable but surmountable. There is still much to be done and we are proud to be able to accompany Implosa in the achievement of each of the logistical challenges “- Jose Luis Gomes, Commercial Manager at Cerca Technology.

Case Study: Laive S.A.

Industry: Manufacture
Country: Peru

Description: It is a Peruvian food company with 107 years of history that is characterized by being a leader in innovation, staying at the forefront with state-of-the-art technologies and the strictest quality controls.


  • Productivity increased by 40%.
  • Efficient inventory control in the distribution center in real time.
  • Accuracy and speed: Decrease in dispatch errors due to the variety of SKUs and delivery agreements with customers.
  • Before implementation, the operation could support a maximum of approximately 500 tons. After the same it was possible to carry out the picking process for 700 tons with the same resources.


As the months go by, the benefits that the implementation brings are maximized and provide substantial improvements for all those involved. The operators of the warehouse, have clarity of their times and hours of work maximizing their productivity and efficiency. The warehouse supervisor is confident that the inventory is up to date and can make decisions. In the commercial area they know when they have the stock and they have the peace of mind that it will be delivered to the customer on time, the Management is certain that the operation is supported by a technological tool that supports the growth of the organization – Elizabeth Ururi, Project Manager of Technology, Laive SA

Case Study: Grupo Phoenix – Multidimensionales

Industry: Manufacture
Country: Colombia

Description: It is part of the world leaders in the development and manufacture of thermoformed plastic packaging, injected, caps, aluminum tubes, high barrier sheets and disposable products. This Colombian economic group has a presence in more than 33 countries and for more than 10 years, has excelled as a leader in the manufacturing industry, demonstrating an important growth in the market.


  • Reliability in inventories went from 85% to 5%
  • Improvements in the control and traceability of cyclical inventories
  • Increase in productivity by 30%
  • Improvements in FIFO processes
  • Decrease of 80% of the returns and claims indicator.


One of the challenges we faced in the implementation of a new technological solution was to increase productivity. From our decision to implement Infor’s WMS in our distribution centers, we have seen notable changes in it. – Alexander Lizcano, Corporate Logistics Director at Grupo Phoenix.