Voice Technology, Performance beyond Operation in Picking Tasks

    tecnología de voz, picking

    At present, the reduction of operating costs, the adequate management of the workforce and the level of customer satisfaction are some of the most important indicators with which the efficiency of business management is being measured. From the logistics area, the reengineering of the processes and the productivity provided by the systems applied to the distribution centers are, without a doubt, the greatest contribution that the logistics area makes to achieving these objectives.

    The voice is par excellence the most effective form of communication, which is why the implementation of technological tools based on Voice technology, which allow to perform the daily tasks in the distribution center more quickly and accurately, are ideal at the moment of reduce costs in the company.

    Vocollect Voice is an innovative technology designed specifically to optimize the workflow in the distribution centers and, although initially its use was oriented to the tasks of picking, the benefits generated in these tasks and the need to extend the levels of performance in other processes such as reception, storage, loading and unloading, has led to extend the reach of this technology to each of the processes within the distribution center. The companies that already use this technology have reported improvements between 15% and 30% in the productivity of the Distribution Center and levels of accuracy above 99.5%.

    The implementation of Vocollect voice technology has a positive impact on Order Preparation, Batch Control, Product Traceability, Replenishment, Cross-docking, Transfer, Audit and Control, Cyclic Counts, among other tasks.

    The Vocollect Voice technology, therefore, represents a competitive advantage in the logistics operation, over other companies.

    Author: Cerca Technology

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