UNIGIS TMS is the solution chosen by a business group of more than 100 years in the Dominican Republic

    This new client has chosen our UNIGIS TMS solution to seek the integration of their systems.

    Cerca Technology announced that Font Gamundi Group selected UNIGIS TMS as the software to guarantee its merchandise’s correct distribution and transport, with an adequate transportation management system in Ditek, which is the 3PL of the company.

    Who is our client?

    Font Gamundi Group in the Dominican Republic has more than 100 years of experience in merchandising, distribution, and logistics management of consumer products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care, hardware items, and pet food. Its distribution network ranges from 2,400 pharmacies, 1,200 doctors, 568 clinics, and hospitals with the complexities of the cold chain to more than 750 supermarkets, warehouses, and wholesalers, among others, where they distribute mass consumption products. The companies in this group are Font Gamundi, Inversiones & Negocios, Ditek (3PL of the group), Mercorp, and Genvet.

    What were the objectives of this digital transformation project in the supply chain?

    From the beginning of the process, the team defined three central goals for the project: the first was to have total and integrated visibility of logistics and corporate information. The second was to improve the level of customer service, and the third was to reduce costs by unifying processes by silos in a more robust solution.

    With UNIGIS TMS, it is expected to optimize the capacity of the vehicles, and the use of fuel, reduce kilometers traveled and daily trips per vehicle and improve the level of service while optimizing the human resource.

    Information about the project led by Cerca Technology

    The Font Gamundi Group has chosen its logistics operator Ditek to be the leader in the digital transformation process in terms of Supply Chain. Firstly through the upgrade of the INFOR WMS and secondly by incorporating the UNIGIS TMS in its primary and secondary operation by selecting the routing modules; tracking and mobile; b2b and b2c portals, and dashboards.

    “We seek to replace the technology we had to address the great challenges of the present and future operation; we concluded that we must have a complete integration of our systems, where the ERP and WMS talk with the TMS for a total optimization of the supply chain.” Raysa Ramirez, IT Manager

    Manager In Warehouse Checking Boxes

    The unification of transport processes through a single platform and the communication between the systems are key aspects that we identified in the optimization of Ditek. “We are sure that with UNIGIS TMS, Cerca Technology and Ditek team will achieve the results expected by the organization.” Carolina Garzon, Commercial Leader TMS NOLA at Cerca Technology.

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