Unicomer Costa Rica Reduced the Reception Time of each of its Lines by 20% with Infor WMS

    Industry: Distribution

    Country: Costa Rica

    Description: Grupo Unicomer, is a transnational company of Salvadoran origin, which since 2000 catapulted its rapid expansion and today has a presence in 24 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, has an average of more than 1,000 stores, 15,000 employees and 28 CeDis ( 10 in Latam and 18 in the Caribbean). As a leading company in the market, it seeks to satisfy the needs of the consumer, offering high quality items, at the lowest cost and in the shortest time.

    Gollo is a Costa Rican company that is a member of the Unicomer Group, belonging to the retail sector, which since 1974 has positioned itself as a leading company in the commercialization of electrical appliances, technology, white goods, furniture and household items, it is the group company that started your digital transformation process with Infor’s WMS.

    Results: The supply chain of Grupo Unicomer Costa Rica has improved considerably since the logistics operation in the CeDis was reduced, errors in dispatches to POS, productivity indicators increased, pressure in processes, visualization in real-time inventory on hand and even the packing list was simplified to make the content easier to read.

    • Reduction of up to 20% of the time in the processes of product receipt per line,
    • Reduction of up to 8% in product picking time thanks to Batch picking orders.
    • 5% reduction in preparation time thanks to the reengineering of High Value picking.
    • Decrease in the use of paper by 80% and decrease in times due to the progressive elimination of the manual dispatch ticket by 15%.

    Testimonials: “We wanted a solution that allows us to meet new challenges, always thinking that the supply of products to POS as a competitive advantage in a market with increasingly demanding customers” Alvaro Mirault, Logistics Manager Unicomer Costa Rica.