Ransa, a 3PL Leader in Latin America, Successfully Launches Its First Operation with Infor’s Cloudsuite WMS

    Ransa, a third-party logistics leader in Latin America, Successfully Launches Its First Operation with Infor’s Cloudsuite ™ WMS

    Ransa, a third-party logistics leader in Latin America, Successfully Launches Its First Operation with Infor’s Cloudsuite WMS, Becoming the First Client in the Multi Tenant Cloud in the World to Enter Productive

    Ransa, a third-party logistics leader in Latin America, selects Infor and Cerca Technology as allies for the implementation of Infor CloudSuite WMS (CS WMS).

    CS WMS, Infor’s commitment to The Cloud, once again positions itself as the leader in the Gartner WMS Magic Quadrant. This solution allows companies to manage the activities of the distribution center in a comprehensive way. With flexible configuration capabilities and intuitive use, Infor WMS is ready to power the next generation of world-class operations.

    Who is Ransa

    Ransa is third-party logistics leader in the region with a presence in 7 countries and 34 cities and 80 years of experience providing agile and adaptable solutions to its clients. The Peruvian company has more than 6,500 multidisciplinary workers, highly trained and specialized in attending to the specific requirements of its clients belonging to different economic sectors.

    About the Project

    In accordance with the strategic plan outlined with the implementation of Infor’s CS WMS, this modern cloud warehouse management system will allow the company to digitize, standardize and streamline its storage and distribution processes.

    Currently, Ransa has 46 distribution centers and 171 warehouses, representing a capacity of more than 3.5 million sqm in infrastructure to support all its customers in the region. Given the variety of operations at its various distribution centers, Ransa requires a platform that is powerful and flexible enough to bring efficiency, traceability and optimization to its operations.

    The initial scope of the project includes the implementation of two accounts (clients), one in Peru and the second in Ecuador. The implementation of 17 additional accounts is projected until the end of 2020.

    “Infor CloudSuite WMS is a highly powerful and flexible solution that supports our clients’ processes, in order to provide differentiated, agile and adaptable services, allowing us to be more efficient, productive and competitive.”
    Patricia Wissar, Vice President of Technology at Ransa

    The Go-Live

    According to the plan, the live departure was carried out on May 11, 2020, despite the challenge that the current situation of the Covid-19 implied.

    This successful launch of the project positions Ransa as the first Multi Tenant client in the world to go into production with CS WMS, and confirms Cerca Technology’s commitment to constant innovation in the supply chain in Latin America.

    Aimara Fagúndez – Project manager for Cerca Technology, highlighting as keys to success the commitment of a multidisciplinary team, the innovative attitude to take on challenges and rigorous risk management. Likewise, the recent adaptation of the project methodology to develop activities remotely in its implementations is consolidated, given the current travel restrictions.

    “The variety of industries, dimensions and complexities of the operations served by Ransa, requires a sufficiently adaptable technological platform. Infor CloudSuite WMS allows not only to respond to this variety of operational requirements, but also to simplify the technological administration of them. The sum of the capabilities of Infor CloudSuite WMS, the team of highly trained professionals determined for the project and the clear definition and standardization of processes, allow us to achieve the proposed objectives ”.
    José Luis Gomes, South of Latin America Commercial Manager in Cerca Technology