Signia Logistics Solutions digitizes its operation during the pandemic

    Signia is a Peruvian company with more than 30 years of experience providing logistics services to leading companies in their sectors. In Peru, it has a fleet capacity of more than 90 vehicles and 6 distribution centers, from where approximately 40,000 SKUs are administered. Signia is part of the Hersil Group, a company with more than 2,000 employees.

    The experience and knowledge that the company has, especially in the pharmaceutical sector, allows it to provide its clients with good manufacturing, storage, and distribution practices, generating value in the quality of services, as well as process efficiency and client satisfaction.

    What were the motivations for acquiring a WMS?

    The motivations were fundamentally the need for growth.

    The growth in specialized processes, transactions, and infrastructure forced us to look for robust and flexible technological support to enhance good practices and operational efficiencies.

    “Today, more than ever, the need to automate and streamline processes and times to meet customer needs has become evident and the WMS solution aims at this”. Néstor Montoya, Signia Operations Manager.

    Why did you choose the Infor WMS?

    One of the factors that led to choosing the Infor SCE WMS was the experience with its ERP with which we managed to support the processes and have knowledge of the interfaces, warehouse management, inventory, and dispatch; this allowed us to rapidly scale to the WMS through a roll-up implementation by clients.

    How was the live outing and what do you think was the key to success?

    The live output was very particular since we were at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, air flights were restricted and part of the team was quarantined, this forced us to establish a remote communication mechanism with CERCA but very close virtually to accompany the live output and subsequent support in the stabilization adjustments.

    There were 2, key factors that allowed to start operations with the Infor WMS without interruptions:

    Conceive the project from operations and adopt good practices to the way SCM processes were being managed
    Have the support of senior management and a team committed to operations, technology, and our implementation partner (CERCA)

    What have been the partial results obtained?

    Reception with online information through bar codes and storage strategy to optimize storage and production line.
    Picking with position and product readers to increase picking productivity and eliminate the margin of error in picking.

    Signia Quote

    “In a team with Cerca Technology we managed to obtain a successful project, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, we achieved the goal! For its part, Infor’s WMS has allowed us to strengthen our logistics operation to support the growth of the company and provide greater satisfaction to our customers ”

    Néstor Montoya, Signia Operations Manager

    Cerca Technology Quote

    “The strategic vision and the dedication and commitment of the Signia team were essential to achieve a successful project. This implementation shows that Infor CS WMS is a flexible and complete tool, ready to meet the needs of one of the most demanding industries in terms of traceability and logistics complexity, such as Pharmaceuticals ”

    Aimara Fagúndez, SOLA Professional Services Manager at Cerca Technology.