Reinvention the “New Normal”

    La Reinvención de Cerca Technology en el "Nuevo Normal"

    To our community,

    From minute zero in which we joined the initiative to ensure the safety of our community, we have worked in favor of organizational reinvention, our commitment to our clients being our priority, we are proud to know that the methodology and action plans that we have implemented are giving results.

    The first instance and looking after the work welfare of our collaborators, from the Human Talent area, we structured a plan that seeks to extend good work practices to homeoffice work, so that our collaborators from home are in harmony with their life. work and personal, maintaining constant communication with each of them through internal channels. In the same way, this time has not been an impediment to start the on-demand training program with which we internally seek that the most valuable intangible of the company “knowledge” be shared among the collaborators.

    As a second measure, the Marketing Area led by the Commercial Management has developed a marketing and communications plan that through different online activities seeks to share the knowledge of our experts and give visibility to good practices, trends and news to the logistics community. . Likewise, the Customer Success Management supported by the professional services team at NOLA and SOLA, have designed a remote work methodology with which our current and future clients will have the peace of mind that the necessary strategic and operational actions will be carried out to achieve project success.

    An example of this is the successful launch of the WMS project in one of the largest logistics operators in the region, with a presence in 7 countries, 34 cities and more than 6,500 linked collaborators. The project, which aimed to support the projected growth of the business, raise service levels and maximize the capacity of the distribution centers, was carried out under the remote methodology model and was led by the Management of Professional Services SOLA.

    Finally we thank the team of professionals and partners with whom we work hand in hand every day to guarantee the correct operation of the solutions. We are believers that adversity situations are opportunities for improvement and that is what we have been doing. Serving and our community is our priority!

    Bryan Buitrago
    General Manager
    Cerca Technology