Terminales Portuarios Peruanos choose the UNIGIS TMS to have a more powerful and competitive transport operation

    Terminales Portuarios Peruanos (TPP), a leading logistics operator in the Peruvian market, chooses UNIGIS and Cerca Technology as partners to improve its distribution and transportation management system.

    Who is TPP?

    Terminales Portuarios Peruanos is a logistics operator belonging to the Woll Group, a Peruvian business group with more than 100 years, of vast experience and tradition in transport and logistics, specializing in the maritime and logistics business. Serving exporters, importers, and shipping companies throughout Peru.

    Why did the project arise?

    One of the activities with the greatest economic and commercial impact on the company is transportation, with an average daily operation of more than 200 trucks; therefore, it is extremely important to develop more efficient transport solutions that generate a competitive and differentiated advantage in the market, thereby generating value for customers, providing them with a high-quality service, which allows TPP to be recognized for it in its different Logistic operations.

    Implementing a transportation management system will allow TPP to achieve elements of differentiation in the market, and will become a strategic solution to face these challenges.

    Project News

    The project will have a phased implementation. The company has created a plan where it will progressively have the TMS in four operating circuits.

    The main processes considered in the project include:

    • Optimal route planning is based on multiple variables.
    • Route tracking and traceability.
    • Certification of deliveries in real-time.
    • Comprehensive management of freight administration.
    • Visibility to customers of the status of their deliveries.

    UNIGIS TMS will be integrated with different corporate systems involved in TPP’s distribution and transportation processes.

    “Starting this project will allow us to obtain very important synergies. The search for efficiency in streamlining transportation, the need to improve the availability of equipment to increase its loading frequency, as well as the reduction in operating costs, has prompted us to implement the UNIGIS TMS.”

    Alejandro Rodriguez, Project Steering Committee

    “We know the importance of optimizing the transport operation for TPP in the current context. Being able to support this new challenge and contribute to the optimization and continuous improvement of the company is a source of pride for us”

    Jose Luis Gomes, Senior Sales Manager at Cerca Technology