Olimpica, one of the largest retailers in Colombia chooses UNIGIS TMS to improve its efficiency and level of customer service

    New Client Olimpica Colombia

    Olimpica, one of the leading retailers in Colombia, chooses Cerca Technology and Unigis as allies to lead the digital transformation process of the distribution and transportation operation. With this initiative, the company seeks to strengthen its omnichannel strategy, optimizing the use and capacity of the fleet, increasing the visibility of the operation, reducing operating costs, and improving the level of service to the end customer.

    Who is Olimpica?

    It is the fourth leading company in the retail sector in Colombia, in the supermarket category. They have an extensive private network of more than 386 establishments in the form of Stores, Superstores, Superdrug stores, and Drugstores located in 21 departments throughout the territory. The chain distributes everything from mass consumption products, fruits, vegetables, and household appliances to textiles and pharmaceutical products, among others.

    Updates about the project with TMS

    The project will have a phased implementation where Cerca Technology will accompany the first live outing and at the same time will carry out a knowledge transfer process that will allow the Olímpica team to roll out.

    The company has created a plan where it will progressively have the following modules in its operation:

    • Routing: (Optimal Distribution Planning Module) optimal route planning is based on variables such as weight, volume, packages, customer time window, speed, restrictions, among others, to optimize the use and capacity of the vehicle fleet with planning geography.
    • Tracking: (Execution Monitoring and Control Module) It integrates with the carriers’ GPS and allows visualizing the planned routes versus the routes executed and measuring the level of fulfillment of deliveries and collections, returns made, and productivity of the units.
    • Mobile: (Delivery Confirmation Module) Real-time delivery confirmation with proof of delivery (POD), photo, signature.
    • Fleet: (Integral Transport Management Module) manages clients, transport, drivers, rate charts, documentation, values trips for payment to the carrier.
    • B2C-B2B Portal: Visibility to customers of the status of deliveries and orders.

    UNIGIS TMS will be integrated with current ERP (SAP) solutions and e-commerce software.

    “We have high expectations of the changes that the company will have with the UNIGIS – Cerca Technology duo, the numerous clients that use the solution, and the years of experience of both companies give us the peace of mind that we made the right choice…”

    Omar Villamil, IT & Supply Chain Manager at Olímpica

    “We are very proud to accompany Olímpica in this process of digital transformation of its transport model by implementing the UNIGIS TMS solution. This project seeks to integrate best practices, optimize resources and raise the level of service to its branches and customers.”

    Paola Quiroga, NOLA Commercial Manager at Cerca Technology

    “Being able to meet the objectives and exceed the expectations of each project is our priority and we are sure that teamwork with Olímpica and Cerca Technology will provide the expected results, generating significant benefits and thus begin a long-term relationship as strategic allies.”

    Elizabeth Sutton, UNIGIS VP of Sales & Co-founder at UNIGIS