New E-learning Training Plan

    This year 2020 will mark a milestone in history for everyone, and not only for what Covid-19 has represented in society, but for the technological and evolutionary leap that new times will bring.

    The new way of accessing information, the importance the internet has taken and the need to reinvent itself are factors that the Cerca Technology Customer Success Department took into account for the development of various initiatives, which undoubtedly seek to strengthen logistics projects that companies already have, hand in hand with the most valuable intangible that is knowledge.

    One of the projects we are working on is an e-learning training offer that seeks to update and improve the skills of our clients by reinforcing concepts, analyzing scenarios and applying good practices.

    This initiative will have courses that will cover various levels of depth and is led by the Professional Services Management, who will provide the necessary support and information to those interested.

    Virgilio Vivas,
    Director of Client Success at Cerca Technology