New Client: Signia Logistics Solutions in Peru

New Client Signia Peru

Signia Soluciones Logística, third-party logistics (3PL) chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to enhance its logistics operation with the implementation of the Infor WMS.

Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, announces that Signia Soluciones Logística selected Infor WMS to manage the operations of its distribution centers in Peru, raising the levels of service provided to its customers, increasing the accuracy of their inventories, providing traceability of stored products, reducing their operating costs and maximizing the capacity of distribution centers.

Signia stasrted as a business unit of Laboratorios Hersil 30 years ago and thanks to the growth and opportunities presented in the market, in 2012 Signia was established as an independent company specialized in providing solutions to the entire supply chain, from the import and / or manufacture of products until delivery to the final recipient (3PL).

Project News

  • Signia has a fleet capacity of more than 90 vehicles in its 5 distribution centers from where the supply chain of companies of different categories is managed such as: Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Nutritional Pharmacies, Medical Devices, Medical Equipment, Personal Care, among others .
  • The experience and knowledge that the company has especially in the pharmaceutical sector helps them to perform well in manufacturing, storage, distribution practices and the correct handling of the products. Currently, operations management has a highly qualified team.
  • The nature of Signia’s business requires that in its operation they include reconditioning processes where they perform tasks such as: engravings, label printing, promotional packs, presentation changes, fractionation, conversion and transformation of the primary and secondary packaging of the products.
  • At the logistic level, the operation had an in-house tool for 20 years that allowed them to manage their operation, however with the company’s growth they subsequently acquired the Infor ERP to facilitate the administrative processes and now the Infor WMS will be implemented to optimize all the tasks demanded by its distribution centers.
  • With Infor WMS, Signia seeks to improve inventory accuracy, service level, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Signia Logistics appointment

“After evaluating 5 solutions and visiting the operation of some clients of Cerca Technology, we conclude that the Infor solution is the ideal one for our business, the one that will bring the most value to our operation and therefore to our customers” Néstor Montoya, Manager of Operations at Signia Logistics Solutions.

Quote by Cerca Technology

“We are sure that the professionalism of the project team formed by Signia and Cerca Technology, together with the capabilities of the Infor WMS, will allow us to achieve the objectives set for the company’s growth.” José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager.

About Hersil

Logistic services company with experience in the pharmaceutical sector and related since its inception in HERSIL S.A. It offers services of customs and simple storage, transportation and distribution nationwide, manufacturing of products to order, enabling and leasing of infrastructure and value-added services with comprehensive controls throughout the logistics chain. BPA & BPM certification by DIGEMID, BASC, controlled products, among others.

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