New Client: Megacentro

    MEGAFRIO and MEGALOGISTICA, logistics operators belonging to the MEGACENTRO NETWORK, choose Cerca Technology to optimize and manage their logistics operation with the implementation of INFOR SCE (WMS).

    Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, announces that MEGAFRIO and MEGALOGISTICA have selected Infor SCE, as WMS software to manage the operation of their distribution centers, in order to standardize the processes for the two companies, improve the online visibility of the operation and automate the calculation of their indicators, increasing their competitiveness and growth capacity. The solution will be implemented by the team of expert consultants of Cerca Technology Chile.


    • One of the reasons that motivated the realization of the project was the implementation of the strategic plan that was drawn Megacentro through the following three objectives:
    • Sustainability based on the operating process and control mechanisms, in order to achieve the efficiency required in each activity, so that the company promotes that all human management contribute value from its identity.
    • Differentiation through constant innovation and the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology that allows them to stand out in each business proposal.
    • Adaptation to market changes and needs in order to offer a wide range of solutions
    • During the selection process, the RED MEGACENTRO team was interested in having a world-class solution that included best practices and allowed them to adapt their processes to the system.
    • MEGAFRIO and MEGALOGISTICA will implement the software in 17 distribution centers, distributed in different regions of the country, with more than 150,000 m2 total and for close to 1,000 employees.
    • The first implementation project, which will be carried out in two phases, includes a distribution center of MEGAFRIO, one of MEGALOGISTICA and the Warehouse Management, Transport, Reverse Logistics, Billing and Report Management processes, covering the entire cycle of the operation.
    • The strength that Cerca Technology presented during the evaluation process was its team of consultants, said Ricardo Cox, General Manager of MEGALOGISTICA.


    Quote from client:

    “Once our Board of Directors made the decision to take the strategic step of migrating from our own (local) systems to world-class solutions, it was up to us to establish the selection methodology and implementation strategy. These were key aspects to consider, knowing the effort and risk of any systemic implementation.

    During the process we reviewed several WMS alternatives and at least 3 of them satisfactorily complied with the functionalities required by the logistic companies of the MEGACENTRO NETWORK, for which our vision pointed to the consultant team of each bidder and also to the experiences in WMS implementations in large customers.

    This look helped us make the decision to choose Cerca Technology, with whom we already form a robust team in Chile. “- Ricardo Cox, General Manager of Megalogística.

    “We are aware of the benefits and challenges that this future implementation entails, which is why we have assigned a multidisciplinary team to ensure that we explore the main features of INFOR SCE and translate the best practices into the business.

    On the other hand, the implementation of a software of this level in the organization, implies changes derived from high impact in terms of professionalizing and giving value in the activities of the people, since through the efficiency that this will contribute to the processes of execution, visualize reducing execution activities, and expanding services for evaluation and continuous improvement, which ultimately result in the differentiation and customer service that characterizes us “- Makarena Guardia, Sub-Manager of Control and Management.

    Quote from Cerca Technology

    “We are committed to supporting Megacentro in the fulfillment of the strategic objectives that it has set. We have consolidated a great team and we know that this project will bring excellent results for the company in the future “- Pablo Peillard, Commercial Manager SOLA

    “With the allocation of a dedicated 100% dream team, Megacentro bets on a project focused on knowledge management and obtaining greater long-term value, definitely an example to follow” – Aimara Fagundez, SOLA Professional Services Manager and Manager of the project.

    About Red Megacentro

    Red Megacentro is a company that originates in real estate, providing infrastructure solutions through the leasing of warehouses, offices and large distribution centers.

    The service aims to provide customers with all the facilities to develop their logistics operations, in different geographical positions, in multiple formats and with all the facilities provided by a logistics park, with 46 centers in operation throughout Chile, Peru and the United States. United.

    Red Megacentro was born in 1995, with the construction of its first warehouse center for leases.

    In 2009, Megalogística was founded, as a way to add value to the winery network, providing more alternative services to customers, thus collaborating in the management of its supply chain, both in external and private wineries.

    In September 2013, Megalogística and Frío Chile materialized an alliance that gave way to MEGAFRÍO CHILE, a new brand oriented to satisfy the needs of storage, administration, transportation and distribution of frozen, refrigerated and dry products (Foods), Megafrío Chile also has with two distribution centers in Santiago, and 6 regional branches throughout the country, consolidating the Logistic and integral operation category at the national level.

    Thus, Red Megacentro has been venturing into new lines of business that have allowed it to complement the real estate offer and become a conglomerate of specialized companies.