New Client: Marienberg

    Marienberg, a Chilean company with more than 78 years of experience in the market for the manufacture of products for Agroindustry and Logistics, chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to implement SCE in its new Distribution Center.

    • Marienberg, a family business, started operations 78 years ago.
    • Starting in Santiago de Chile as a commercializer of jute bags, with imports from India. Today it ventures into new product lines.

    It is positioned as the leading plastics production and processing company for the agricultural industry and the logistics industry both in the national and international market, with the manufacture, marketing and distribution of products such as ropes, twine, agricultural belts, bands, strapping, raschel mesh for shading, meshes for horticultural packaging etc.

    • One of the pillars of the company has always been innovation. This is how in 2016 the unification project of its operations began, from the construction of its third production and distribution complex, seeking to centralize the production, distribution and sales processes in the.
    • Historically, the company had stable organic growth but slow for the demands of the market served. The previous thing, due to the physical infrastructure in which their plants were. Logistic operations became complex, given the impossibility of making strategic changes / movements, since the storage locations were determined by the previous architecture.
    • In short, they required an excellent inventory tracking, taking into account the integration with their ERP SAP BO.
    • It was based on these reasons that they began the search for a world-class WMS solution to respond to these corporate challenges in their new Distribution Center.
    • For almost a year they conducted an exhaustive search where they found, after several referencing processes, that both Infor SCE and Cerca Technology were the strategic allies for this project.
    • Among the reasons that motivated the selection, were that the company / s selected were recognized and with international support. That they had proven implementations in the region and clearly that they had integration and compatibility with the ERP, SAP BO.

    Medium Term Objectives

    Marienberg’s medium-term objective is to optimize the monitoring of its inventory, improve reaction times for customers, delivering better levels of service. Increase the use of labor and obtain a substantial improvement in corporate processes from online information collaborating with other areas of the company.

    Quote Marienberg

    Quote Marienberg

    “We trust that the support that is provided by Cerca Technology in the implementation of INFOR SCE, in pursuit of the improvement of our logistic processes, will enable us to provide better service to our customers, improve our productivity and with it we will face in a better way the future of the market we serve” – Alex Herzberg, COO, Marienberg 

    “This implementation means a great cultural change for us and we trust that with the help of Infor SCE we will be able to optimize all the warehouse processes and deal with this in a better way to our internal and external customers.” – Cristián Valenzuela, Head of Logistics, Marienberg

    Quote Cerca Technology

    “A great start, thanks to the commitment of the top management and the team’s disposition. Value management will be the fundamental axis of this project. With SCE as an enabler of optimized processes, opportunities in productivity and strategic visibility are clear and promising” – Aimara Fagundez, Project Manager, Cerca Technology