New Client: Loginsa

    Loginsa, a Chilean company, selects Infor with the SCE solution to consolidate its position as a World Class 3PL.

    LOGINSA is a 3PL logistics operator, with more than 20 years of experience in the Chilean market. Pioneer in the provision of broad-spectrum logistics services, today is a benchmark in the industry and is considered the most important logistics operator in the country.

    As a 3PL operator, it currently manages 9 Distribution Centers and 7 in-house operations, providing logistic services in most market segments, from industrial operations, retailers, frozen foods, to drugs and medical devices; Its value offer is based on offering integral solutions to the logistics chain.

    All this is achieved thanks to its highly specialized staff, with a constant interest in being at the forefront of technology, as well as a vocation of customer service. His experience in different industries allows him to do benchmarking, synergy and economy for his clients through the optimization of processes, using diverse tools of continuous improvement.

    The constant concern to add value to its customers and the great expansion of recent years, led to Loginsa taking the decision to switch to a WMS World Class software. The company carried out a long process internally, raising the current needs of both customers and the industry, to subsequently review the availability of tools in the market, looking for the main players.

    After a detailed analysis, the critical decision variables by Infor SCE were among others: the high degree of compliance with the functionalities required by the company for the development of the service, Infor’s degree of knowledge regarding the industry, the proven experience in implementations in similar companies, the degree of consistency between Infor’s proposal and what they could verify in the companies where it currently operates.

    Due to this, Infor is associated with Cerca Technology, to carry out the implementation of this project, given its proven experience and extensive knowledge of the team of consultants to obtain the best results.

    “We understand that by moving to a World Class, such as Infor SCE, we buy logistics training, advances and part of the Know-How that customers demand in this industry, which allows us to become strategic partners of any company by leveraging their new business, “says Eric Lobo, General Manager of Loginsa.

    Upon completion of the implementation, Loginsa expects to achieve improvements in service, streamline the transmission of knowledge by having structured information, facilitate internal processes and create synergy between its operations effectively.

    Additional achieve productivity standards, greater visibility, connectivity with other softwares and automations, reliability and security of information, high reaction capacity, allowing as a result of these achievements, greater focus on strategic aspects.

    All the deployment made with this implementation will allow Loginsa to enhance the investment made, optimize its logistics operation to further improve its service levels and accompany the growth of the business. Says Patricio Troncoso, Cono Sur Commercial Manager.