New Client: Grupo Melo in Panama

    Grupo Melo, a company with more than 70 years of experience in the Panama market, chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to enhance its logistics operation with the implementation of Infor SCE (WMS).

    Cerca Technology, a strategic technology partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, announces that Division de Almacenes in Grupo Melo has selected Infor SCE as WMS software to manage the operation of its distribution centers, increase the fill rate, optimize workflows, reduce order enlistment times and improve customer satisfaction.

    “Apollo 20”, the project name, will be implemented by an interdisciplinary team made up of Melo Companies, Value Chain Management, Inc. and Cerca Technology.

    Project Facts

    • Being at the forefront, improving customer satisfaction and the risk posed by the entry of new competitors to the market, were the three main motivators to make the decision to start a process of digital transformation of the distribution center
    • The DC called Cabuya for its location, has more than 10,000 m2, more than 90 operators in two shifts and serves an average of 25 daily orders through manual processes
    • 119 is the number of sales points that DC in Cabuya must attend, among which the following brands stand out: Melo Pet & Garden (37), Comasa (16), Multilaminas (3), Melo Agricultural Warehouses (60) and Melo Distribution Company (3)
    • Melo Pet’s & Garden is a retailer of pet supplies and gardening that distributes from food to accessories
    • Comasa is a marketer of finished building materials and hardware
    • Multilaminas, provider of supplies and services for the furniture manufacturing industry
    • Almacenes Agropecuarios Melo is one of the oldest companies of the group with 71 years and during this time it has been characterized by being a leader in the sale of agricultural inputs nationwide
    • Melo Distribution Company serves agroservices, farms and large-scale producers offering high-quality and high-performance technology packages for the different crops and livestock farms in the country
    • Apollo 20 will serve to optimize the different processes of the distribution center, among which the receipt is highlighted by means of citations, cyclic counts with radiofrequency and pre-assigned location
    • Value Chain Management, Inc. was the consulting firm that led the process of searching, selecting, evaluating the best world-class tools that will allow Grupo Melo to achieve the objectives set. In this process 4 companies participated
    • The robustness, worldwide recognition and scalability of the Infor WMS were the reasons why Cerca Technology was invited to participate in the bidding process of the Apollo 20 project.

    Melo Group Quote

    “Among all the benefits that we hope to obtain from this tool, the main thing would be to optimize the use of the inventory that is the majority of our working capital. In our business, inventory is the heart of the operation and if it is healthy, the rest is going well”

    Yoel Thomas Martin, Vice President and General Manager, Warehouse Division, Melo Group

    Value Chain Management Quote

    “The main focus of the implementation of the SCE, is to raise the levels of service and accuracy with which we serve our internal customers and therefore the final customer who visits our points of sale. We are focusing the implementation on several objectives: Manage the inventory according to its attributes, increase inventory turnover, reduce losses, increase assortment accuracy, reduce receipt, assortment and dispatch times, increase dispatch levels so that in time and form we can meet our points of sale according to the calendars that have been defined. Likewise, we will prepare the operations so that in the medium term the Company can enter the omnichannel”

    Carlos Reiche Russek, Senior Consultant, Value Chain Management Inc.

    Quote by Cerca Technology

    Grupo Melo has a very clear vision of the logistic model to be achieved and the specific objectives of the project, this allows us to focus on an adequate design to achieve these objectives and the consequent success of the project”

    José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager