New Client: Belleza Express

    Beauty Express S.A., one of the fastest growing companies within the personal care and health market in Colombia, chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to implement SCE in its new distribution center in Jamundí, Valle.

    Beauty Express is one of the most recognized and innovative companies in the country, dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of leading brands of personal care and over-the-counter medicines.

    Its history began 25 years ago in the city of Cali, with the distribution of foreign brands and today through hard teamwork, on the part of its people highly committed and focused on the result, has achieved a leading position in the market with several of its own brands such as: Arrurrú, Aromasense, Menticol and Stay-Off.

    This positioning of its brands has been achieved with products that provide protection, welfare, unique experiences and a superior value to the consumer throughout his life. Its trajectory based on discipline and perseverance, has allowed them today to generate more than 1000 jobs in the region, of which 75% is in the hands of women.

    Within its vision, Beauty Express not only poses challenging objectives in terms of sales and market participation, but also has as its fundamental premise “to be a company with a soul and one of the best places to work in the country”, providing its collaborators and their families, a better quality of life.

    In order to respond to this premise, added to the need to optimize operating times, increase the productivity of their human capital and ensure the effectiveness of their processes, they decided to undertake the search for an integral system.

    Since 2013, the Company has been making constant technological innovations in its Distribution Center. However, he saw the need for a world-class system that would allow him to improve the operations of his CEDI.

    He is currently under construction of his new CEDI in Jamundí, which will begin to operate with the SCE solution as of July 2016.

    “More than two years ago, the company selected a renowned international logistics consulting firm to carry out a total redesign of its logistics process of storage and distribution. The objective of this consultancy consisted in the design and implementation of a modern and competitive logistics platform, contemplating a new distribution center in the facilities of its plant, the optimization of internal processes, a new logistics equipment, and a world-class software for operations management ” – Juan Francisco Duplat, Planning and Logistics Manager, Belleza Express S.A.

    The evaluation to choose an implementer to support them in this process was based, among other characteristics, on the proven experience of suppliers in the Colombian market. Along with this evaluation, an exhaustive investigation was carried out where they looked for internal references with clients from each of the suppliers and decided that Infor and Cerca Technology fulfilled all the requirements to be its strategic allies in this implementation.

    “This project, which is structural for the business, is totally aligned with our strategic map, reinforcing our key organizational capacities such as human talent and the organizational culture that we hope to impact very positively, as well as our technological capital, contributing to the development of the marketing channels both existing and new, guaranteeing compliance with the demands and access to the product by customers and consumers, contributing to the continuous improvement of operational results.” – Juan Francisco Duplat, Manager of Planning and Logistics at Belleza Express S.A.

    At the end of the Infor SCE implementation process, the executives of Belleza Express hope to optimize the times of their daily operation, to maximize the times in the courses within the CEDI, thus allowing to increase productivity and reduce the turnover rates of personnel.

    In addition to the above and not less important, they seek to improve the quality of life of all their employees by basing the change on an internal culture of care and protection.

    “The direction of beauty Express has a very clear vision of the business and a focus on the growth of it and its people. We are confident of supporting this growth with the Infor SCE Solution and our extensive implementation experience especially in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector.” – José Luis Gomes, Commercial Manager NOLA of Cerca Technology.