New Client: Altipal in Colombia

    More and more distribution companies in Colombia choose Infor SCE as the technological solution to optimize their distribution centers


    Altipal, one of the most important distribution companies in Colombia with 59 years of experience in the market, chooses Infor and Cerca Technology to optimize its logistics operation and value chain with the implementation of INFOR SCE (WMS).

    Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, announces that Altipal has selected Infor SCE as WMS software to potentiate the operation of its distribution centers, leverage the growth of the organization, increase productivity and streamline operational processes with quality and service excellence.

    Project Facts

    • Altipal has important companies within its portfolio of suppliers, including brands such as: Diageo, Colgate, Kelloggs, Shell, SC Jhonson among others.
    • From its work as a distributor and marketer, Altipal serves the wholesale channel, supermarkets, self-services and stores. Of these channels, stores represent 70% of their daily operation.
    • “Optimus” is the name of the project with which Altipal seeks to overcome the daily challenges of its operation, such as the use of paper; lack of traceability of productivity, lack of control of batches and automated expiration dates; high operational head count, among others.
    • The company has 21 distribution centers located in different strategic regions of the country. During the project, the implementation of INFOR SCE is contemplated in 5 of them located in Funza, La Estrella, Cartagena, Cali and Salitre.
    • Currently, in the mentioned distribution centers they reach an average of 124,540 orders dispatched per day.
    • For the picking process you have 3 rotating shifts. Each shift has the support of 36 operators (12 in Funza, 9 in La Estrella and 5 in Cartagena, Cali and Salitre respectively).
    • The project includes the activation of 88 users for all DCs.
    • The knowledge, trajectory, experience in implementation and support in the platform were the reasons why Cerca Technology was favored with the project.

    Altipal Quote

    “The benchmarking analysis we carried out on suppliers and customers already implemented allowed us to determine that Infor SCE was the solution that would leverage the achievement of the objectives we are drawing as a company in the next 5 years.”

    Eduardo Galeano, Logistics Manager of Altipal

    Quote by Cerca Technology

    “Altipal is undoubtedly a benchmark of distribution in Colombia, and with the process of digital transformation of its supply chain, it will be able to develop a differentiating factor to consolidate itself as the preferred organization for the commercialization of products in the country. We are proud to be part of such an important project. “

     José Luis Gomes, SOLA Commercial Manager.

    About Altipal S.A.S

    Strategic distributor of large global brands in Colombia, with 59 years of experience in the market. It has coverage in almost the entire country from where it serves approximately 140,000 national customers from different channels such as wholesalers, supermarkets, self-services and stores.

    Since 2015, the company defined a Platform for Growth (PPC) as a business priority to transform Altipal into a world-class company and the preferred organization for the marketing of products and services in Colombia.