Megalogística Prepares for the Migration of its more than 150 Clients with Infor WMS

    Megacentro Go-Live

    The work methodology proposed in the statement of work was key for the first part of the project.

    Cerca Technology, a strategic technology partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, led the go-live of the implementation of Infor WMS in one of the Megalogística distribution centers located in Santiago, Chile.

    Go-Live project: Porvenir

    According to the strategic plan drawn up by Megacentro at the beginning of the project, Megalogística would be the first logistics operator of the group that would carry out the implementation of the Infor WMS. According to the plan, the go-live of the first of one hundred and fifty customers of the company took place in November 18, 2019, exceeding all expectations.

    The most relevant challenges are related to the need for operational processes and information management, both for the company and for its customers. All this, without affecting the operational continuity of customers.

    In a conversation regarding the go-live, Ricardo Cox, General Manager of Megalogística specified that among the most important aspects was the ease of use of the system, the speed with which operators learn to use it and the necessary rigor with which they must carry out each of the operational processes.

    “After the first month of operation we are already in a position to ensure that we are capitalizing many of the expected benefits of the project, which in the short term will mean improvements and savings,” says Ricardo Cox.

    On the other hand, Miguel Morales, Project Manager highlighted the ease with which users began to interact with the tool in an almost intuitive way, especially in relation to the execution of reports and reports that was another of the great needs of the company

    Quote by Megalogística

    “The cowork proposal proposed by Cerca Technology in its methodology, has allowed everything that we trace to be evidenced during the execution, because we saw that in addition to the material and technological resources involved in the project, there is a large human and professional group giving support to guarantee the success of the project: That has been the key to success.” – Ricardo Cox, General Manager of Megalogística.

    Quote by Cerca Technology

    “An effective knowledge transfer and the dedication of the team, lead us to celebrate this first great step in enabling optimized logistics processes that support the strategic objectives of the Megacentro Group: a live exit with minimal impact for the operation. In Cerca we are grateful to the trust and committed to the continuity of this effort.” – Aimara Fagúndez, SOLA Professional Services Manager of Cerca Technology.


    About Megalogistica

    Megalogística is a 3PL logistics operator of the Megacentro Group, an expert in storage, distribution and integral logistic services, recognized as the best support alternative for the reinforcement of its customers’ supply chain. It provides in-house services and in its own warehouses, covering a network throughout the Chilean territory.


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