Integrated Demand Planning: The Basis for the Digital Transformation of Supply Chains

    The digitization of supply chains has increased the volume and quality of the data that companies obtain from their logistics processes, however the correct use of these continues to depend on the company’s ability to simplify and process the data to take right decisions with the information obtained.

    Although companies spend a lot of effort to achieve operational efficiency and communication between areas, it is common to find that each department uses a different and even inadequate system such as spreadsheets, hindering the realistic view of operations that is the basis of planning. and foresight.

    The practice of integrated planning is today one of the processes that provides greater visibility, precision, optimization and control of the supply chain since it naturally integrates the areas of Operations, Sales, Marketing and Purchasing. Facilitating joint analyzes, creating intelligent responses to market dynamics and even allowing the creation of hypothetical scenarios that answer questions such as changes in raw materials, new market opportunities or products, among others.

    IBP is a comprehensive solution designed to provide basic analytics, visibility, collaboration and execution capabilities. “This technology tool helps organizations in all industries get closer to the real orchestration of the supply chain and maintain control of the costs and services delivered … Companies that manage to develop a well-integrated planning process (IBP) structured show profitability improvements of up to 17%, gross margin increase of up to 10%, and an increase in the return on assets of up to 7.5% after two years … Under this premise, we want to take our community to a second level in the knowledge and application of best practices accompanied by technology “- Bryan Buitrago, General Manager of Cerca Technology.

    During the course of 2020, the company will be holding webinars, breakfasts and events focused on supply chain planning, where you can interact with IBP experts and improve your digital transformation process.