Infor Xi Platform

    Dear business partners.

    As part of our commitment to keep our partners updated on the latest information technologies and take them by the hand to the adoption of them, we want to talk about the evolution of the most complete Infor technology platform, Infor Xi Platform.

    Xi Platform arises from the need to integrate corporate solutions that previously work in a dispersed and independent manner. This allows us to grow in a unified and highly integrated framework that makes it possible to choose and configure specific solutions that meet the company’s needs.

    Based on technologies of collaboration, mobility, extensibility, information analysis and integration, Infor Xi Platform tries to cover the broadest range of needs of today’s companies, allowing us to convert the diversity of technologies that we can count on within the company, in a competitive advantage

    Infor Xi Platform has evolved since the beginning of 2011, time in which it involved a few technologies, until today, in its latest release includes solutions such as ION, Grid, Mobile, Infor BI, Federation Services, Infor Document Management, Infor Business Vault, Infor Ming.le Homepages and Infor Ming.le new Portal.

    Among the benefits that we can obtain when implementing Xi Platform, are:

    • Transparent integration between company systems
    • Custom work spaces
    • Automatic delivery of information and alerts based on roles and priorities
    • Broad visibility in the organization
    • Automation of tasks via voice and chat commands
    • Point-to-point visibility in the supply chain
    • Unified user experience
    • Extensibility

    Something very important to mention is that this technological platform can be deployed both on-premise and, in the cloud, (tenant or multitenant).

    In conclusion, with Infor Xi Platform, you will be able to belong to the select group of companies that use the best and most complete state-of-the-art solutions for the management of their companies in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.