Infor will Invest more than US $2 Billion in Latin America

    Infor continues its strategy of Promoting Digital Transformation in the global market, including Latin American

    November, 2016

    Our strategic partner Infor, announced in recent days, has reached a definitive agreement whereby Koch Equity Development LLC (“KED”), an investment and acquisition subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc., will make an investment of more than US $. D two billion dollars in the company. The investment will give Infor access to additional capital growth to accelerate innovation, expand distribution, and continue disrupting the business applications market, in which case, they are the founding premises of their success.

    Koch Industries is an American multinational company that employs 100,000 people in the world and Forbes considers it the second largest private company in the United States with an annual turnover of approximately US $100 billion. The investment made by KED considerably strengthens Infor’s capital base and means an entrance to the great eco-system of companies that consider digital transformation throughout Latin America.

    Today, our strategic ally is emerging as the first company to move critical business applications to the cloud, which has more than 66 million users of applications in the cloud. The company’s double-digit growth in billing in its last quarter was due to a 130% annual increase in SaaS billing; More than half of the billing of Infor software is now originated by applications in the cloud.

    Infor’s unparalleled cloud strategy uses Amazon Web Services, which allows the company to invest in deep market functionalities, with capital that would otherwise be necessary to maintain its own data center infrastructure. The wide range of Infor applications that operate in the cloud with avant-garde data science and a design that provides the basis for modernizing companies in sectors such as health, fashion, retail, distribution, public sector and discrete manufacturing and processes.

    Charles, Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, who leads the company towards a new stage of growth, investment and innovation on Koch as “one of the largest private companies in the world with diversified businesses and with enormous resources to support the next stage of growth of Infor”.

    Under Phillips’ leadership, Infor has invested approximately US $ 2 billion in product design and development over the past five years, offering more than 400 products, 1,700 integrations and 16,000 functionalities in its CloudSuite product line. Key milestones include:

    • First Company focused on Cloud Industries: By developing specific functionalities, Infor became the first company to have applications for critical missions in the cloud for organizations in sectors such as health, manufacturing, retail and public sector.
    • Labs of Dynamic Science – Right next to the M.I.T. at Kendall Square, Infor has created a data science team with more than 70 PhDs and former professors to provide predictive analytics, virtual learning, and optimization for specific cases in select industries. Recent innovations in retail, inventory optimization and price segmentation were possible due to Infor Dynamic Science Labs and access to hyper scale cloud data with unlimited power.
    • Creative Agency – Infor was the first enterprise applications company to develop a creative agency in New York. The agency called Hook & Loop, focuses on the design and user experience.
    • Global Commerce Network – Infor ION, a state-of-the-art middleware platform that is much simpler and more open than traditional middleware, optimizes Apache ESB open source and a simple XML-based publication and subscription model that uses modern standards of OAGIS. The ability to quickly integrate Infor and third-party applications led ION to become one of the fastest growing Infor products.

    Infor announces that the transaction, despite being subject to standardized conditions for its closure and regulatory approvals, expects to close at the beginning of 2017. Infor’s existing shareholders, which include Golden Gate Capital, Summit Partners, and Management, will maintain control of the company. KED will have the right to appoint four of the nine directors of the parent company of Infor.