Infor SCE a World Class WMS according to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant

    The Gartner Magic Quadrant is a tool that allows us to know what position the best management system providers occupy worldwide, their characteristics, the points of innovation, optimization and relevance and how their products and systems can contribute to a center of distribution maximize your efficiency.

    Gartner has carried out numerous studies in relation to technological advances and their influence on organizational environments, especially with regard to companies’ suppliers. That is why this quadrant works as a list where only the best systems on the market worldwide score, complying with high standards of efficiency, effectiveness, optimization and management. One of the systems that has met Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Leaders category standards is the Infor WMS solution: Infor SCE.

    One of the great advantages that Infor has and that makes it remarkable in the Gartner quadrant, is that it allows the respective cost structures to be carried out in an automated way, which becomes a considerable saving since many companies will not have to invest in a Public accountant in charge of managing said work.

    Therefore, Infor SCE has been classified as a warehouse management system with an extremely high positioning, to the point that it is now part of the quadrant of market leaders, since the wide number of functions it has offers to the centers of distribution work more orderly and quickly.

    Why is Infor SCE a leading solution?

    In Gartner’s magic quadrant there are different evaluation points, but the most important are the characteristics that systems must have to be considered leaders. Within the study, the systems that score worldwide must have aspects such as:

    • Strong execution ability and customer retention
    • Solid brand positioning
    • Functional, robust and innovative
    • Global scale
    • Participation in a high percentage of new businesses
    • Have a high-quality implementation
    • Reliable and efficient processes
    • Multiple functions, with a large customer database
    • Proven success in medium and high complexity operations
    • An ecosystem of allies

    Infor SCE’s strengths

    The main strengths that have made Infor SCE one of the leading solutions worldwide are the following:

    • It adapts to a large percentage of ERP systems. It is also a good fit for companies that want to have the same provider for WMS and ERP.
    • It has remained one of the most competitive and solid suppliers internationally. The Infor SCE solution is present in nearly 40 countries with a strong presence in the United States and Asia, having its main facilities in China and Japan. Likewise, it maintains a large percentage of indirect and direct sales, as well as centralized support that allows it adapt to emerging markets.
    • Infor’s vision of cloud and strategy is one of the strongest among WMS system providers.
    • Infor SCE is the only one on the market that has an effective extensibility support method known as Mongoose, which allows end users to make changes or improvements without code, meanwhile, it offers technicians the option to upgrade with full code, allowing for more advanced application changes. This point certainly helps the constant customization and advancement of the WMS, focusing on the requirements and needs of the client.
    • The intersection of the SMS Cloud and Virtual Work WMS with Infor Nexus (GT Nexus) is unique and highly differentiated.
    • Infor SCE leverages and benefits from Infor’s latest technology investments such as: Birst for analysis development, Coleman for the establishment of Artificial Intelligence and ION for integration between Infor with external applications. Its remarkable user experience constantly improves the UI and allows you to visualize the distribution center in 3D.

    WMS market considerations:

    To assess the level of each system, one of the key points that the quadrant analyzes are the current market considerations, therefore some of the solutions that are evaluated are the reception, storage, packaging, transfer of merchandise and selection of inventories . This means that leaders like Infor manage to satisfy the needs of the majority of clients who tend to focus more on providers that are functional and efficient, mainly due to the time factor that is vital for them.

    Now, it is important to mention that the general WMS market is divided into three types of providers that are part of the magic quadrant, which are:

    • Application providers: These types of providers offer a large portfolio of applications that will allow us to increase the productive development of the organization. Some of the functions it brings are human capital management, production, enterprise resource planning, and customer relationship management.
    • SCM suite providers: These providers have a logistics WMS, plus two applications specifically focused on storage, international trade or transport.
    • Specialized providers in WMS packages: These types of providers focus mainly on the use of the Software, some of which are part of this group are: Vinculum, Generix Group and Softeon.

    It should be mentioned that, to be part of the magic quadrant, a series of elements must be evaluated that greatly influence the positioning of the suppliers and, of which, clearly Infor SCE fully complies:

    • Global reach: The WMS trade is getting bigger and more influential in the world, therefore, those providers that have worldwide recognition, excellence and satisfaction must be taken into account.
    • Feasibility: The commercialization of products is becoming more comfortable and is always a concern for customers, which is why it has become a factor of utmost importance for achieving the stated objectives.
    • Innovation: The changes that it experiences in the market in a technological and informative way have a notable influence on the way in which activities are developed, therefore, those WMS that are adapted to current work methodologies will have great importance within the magic quadrant. Automation: Corresponds to the methods used by suppliers to carry out their respective activities quickly and easily, in order to streamline and optimize work times.
    • Employee engagement: The fact that the employees of a WMS are committed to meeting customers is a crucial element in the success of suppliers, since the human capital and motivation that workers have to carry out their activities will lead to the success of the organization in achieving the objectives.
    • Intelligence: When we talk about intelligence, we are referring to the ability of WMS providers to solve any problem that arises quickly and easily, without wasting much time that may well be invested in other activities.

    For all the above, Infor is in the list of world-class WMS systems, offering companies the opportunity to have an effective, strategic and constantly developing support.