Infor and Cerca Technology Work with Colombian Company, Grupo Éxito for the Implementation of Infor SCE in its Distribution Network in Colombia

Infor and Cerca Technology work with the Colombian company, Grupo Éxito, for the implementation of Infor SCE in its distribution center in Colombia.

Grupo Éxito, the largest retail company in South America is renewed with the update of its warehouse management solution (WMS), with the implementation of the latest Infor SCE version and inclusion of the Labor Management module, Billing, Business Intelligence, among others.


  • Infor and Cerca Technology have worked for more than 14 years, strengthening a solid commercial relationship with Grupo Éxito, which is currently renewed with the update of its warehouse management solution (WMS), passing to Infor SCE, with the inclusion of the module of Labor Management, Billing, Business Intelligence, among others, having among the critical decision variables, the degree of knowledge of Infor regarding the industry and the experience proven in implementations by Cerca Technology.
  • “The project, called Horizonte, aims to implement a set of state-of-the-art software solutions that meet the needs of supply chain execution (Supply Chain Execution). These solutions arrive to modernize the Group’s technological platform, seeking future compatibility with the cloud.
  • The implementation will be carried out within the framework of a project plan and a defined budget, meeting the quality expectations of the promoters and achieving the desired improvements that are deemed achievable by both parties.

Quote form Grupo Éxito

“Logistic management integrated to technological models that allow to develop simple solutions to complex processes; it is the focus of a business group that works for the client to return, with the assurance that his omnichannel attention satisfied his needs at an optimal cost and the best quality. The horizon project is a bastion of an entire assembly of technological processes contributed to the supply chain, in order to ensure that competitiveness and service prevail in every business decision. This project is an essential part of the supply chain strategy, “says Leonardo Valderrama, Supply Chain Corporate Manager of Grupo Éxito.

Quote from Cerca Technology

“All the deployment made with this implementation will allow Grupo Éxito to enhance the investment made, optimize its logistics operation to further improve its service levels and accompany the continued growth of the business.” – Bryan Buitrago, General Manager at Cerca Technology

Quote from Infor

“Customer expectations are constantly increasing and retail companies need systems that provide a consistent experience in all interaction channels. Grupo Éxito, one of the largest retail companies in the region is constantly looking for ways to adopt technology to innovate and that is why they have decided to implement the latest version of Infor SCE, with next-generation features, “says Adriana Gutierrez, Channel Director at Infor Latam.

About Grupo Éxito

Grupo Éxito is the largest retail company in South America. Operates a solid omnichannel, multi-format and multi-brand model. In Colombia, currently, it has 574 points of sale of the Éxito, Carulla, Surtimax, Super Inter and Surtimayorista brands. It also serves direct sales channels such as,, digital sales catalogs, addresses, as well as a portfolio of services such as insurance, travel, mobile telephony, money transfers and multi-payments, among others.