How do we protect our customers and partners in the new normal?

    In response to the new normal and ensuring the well-being of our collaborators and customers, since October we launched a business security plan that aims to protect the health of the entire team as a preventive measure, against the gradual return to the offices and the on-site monitoring of the projects.

    That is why the Human Talent Coordination has deployed a biosecurity protocol that includes:

    • Taking periodic tests to all the Cerca Technology team to detect asymptomatic people and reduce the risk of contagion by returning to activities in the different spaces.
    • Disinfection areas in offices and personal kits for employees.
    • Reassignment of jobs complying with isolation standards.
    • Weekly monitoring of health status through virtual reports.
    • Opening of different communication channels to reinforce self-care by our collaborators.

    This initiative reaffirms the commitment that as a company we have with our clients, collaborators, and allies to guarantee that the return to projects is done in the best way. Feel confident working with Cerca Technology.


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