How to improve picking productivity with Infor WMS | Case Study in Chile.

    Industry: Construction and home

    Country: Chile

    Who is our client?

    A Chilean company with 30 years of experience in the bathroom and kitchen fixtures industry. The company has specialized in creating high-quality design and technological products to face new challenges and deliver the best solutions and experiences to customers from retail stores, hardware stores, construction companies, real estate, health companies, and institutional clients. 

    The company produces and markets brands such as Stretto and Aggio, and is represented by international brands such as Sanitana and Presto, focused on high segments and institutional projects. In this way, Mosaico has established itself as a leader in the Chilean market and has operations in Peru and Colombia.

    “We had previously implemented a WMS that had not met the operation’s needs. However, knowing that Infor’s WMS was a world-class solution recognized by Gartner gave us peace of mind. In addition, Cerca Technology gave us the confidence and support to execute the implementation of the new WMS and the opening of the new CeDi” Ricardo Carrasco simultaneously and successfully, Operations Manager at Mosaico.

    What were the Mosaico achievements after implementing Infor WMS?

    • 30% increase in picking productivity
    • 20% increase in reception productivity
    • 98.5% inventory accuracy
    • 3% improvement in service quality
    • 100% inventory visibility
    • 20% better customer satisfaction
    • 100% better decision making
    • 100% better administrative processes

    Automation of key processes such as reception and warehousing, consolidation, reorders, selection tasks, picking, and inventory accuracy.

    Optimize picking and help the company grow with a WMS. Mosaico quo

    “Today, we feel confident to say yes to the growth. Now the operations process and team feel different with technology. Every day we learn and adapt, but now we are more confident that we can support the company’s objectives.” Isabel Chaparro, Process and IT Manager at Mosaico

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