How to Guarantee CeDi’s Productivity in this Time of Crisis?

    The economic impact that the arrival of Covid-19 has had in Latin America has left a tasteless in some sectors that have been deeply affected by the isolation measures and the various restrictions that governments have taken to protect their populations. However, amid the chaos, the pharmaceutical, hygiene, logistics services such as residential and transportation, retail, among others, have seen a significant increase in sales and operations.

    In Colombia, in an analysis carried out in more than 62,000 shops by ServiPunto in alliance with Puntored, Servinformación, Nutresa and Bancolombia, it was detected that in Bogotá on March 20 (first day of the quarantine drill) there was an increase in sales of neighborhood stores 96% compared to the same day the previous month. This, if viewed from a logistical perspective, represents an increase in the workflow of the chains and suppliers that supply the stores, and at the same time an increase in the volumes and turnover of the merchandise.

    In a survey of some of our clients in the region, we confirmed the increase in tasks within distribution centers, for example, one of the leading food distribution companies in Chile claimed to have doubled its sales and as a consequence increased demand for its supply chain by 100%. Similarly, in Colombia, one of our clients has reported growth of up to 300% in the last week. In the hygiene sector, our clients also report significant growth and operating peaks.

    To meet these challenges, distribution centers need to increase their resources or improve their productivity. Having a WMS increases the accuracy of inventories, bringing it to 99.9%, which dramatically reduces errors in order preparation, however, to face the conjunctures of the current crisis due to the Covid-19 Additional measures are needed to increase productivity.

    In times of crisis, doing “more” with the same resources is ideal and to achieve this, companies must ensure that the team has the best tools to facilitate their daily tasks and reduce the degree of human error to which the operation is exposed when There are so many adverse factors that operators must cope with.

    The voice is the most effective form of communication par excellence, hence the companies that have implemented technological tools based on voice technology have guaranteed increases in the productivity of their CeDis between 15% and 30%, since they It allows users to have their hands free, providing greater concentration, speed in product handling and speed in confirmations.

    Additionally, the use of this technology reduces training times due to its intuitive nature and thanks to the benefits generated in the enlistment processes and the need to extend performance levels, it has been linked to processes such as Lot Control, Product Traceability, Replenishment, Cross-docking, Transfer, Audit and Control, Cyclical Counting, among other tasks.

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