Go-Live: Unicomer (Grupo Gollo) in Costa Rica

    The modernization of the technological platform of WMS with INFOR SCE in Unicomer Costa Rica (Gollo), had a successful and controlled go-live according to Armando Molina, Project Manager and logistics of the group.

    Gollo is a Costa Rican company in the retail sector that for 44 years has positioned itself as a leading company in the commercialization of appliances, technology, appliances, furniture and household items. In September 2012, Gollo joined the Unicomer Group, which to date has reached a presence in 24 countries with more than 1000 specialized stores.

    In June 2017, Gollo launched the Innova project, which aimed to support the achievement of the strategic objectives of Unicomer Costa Rica by enabling optimized processes, improving the level of service and increasing visibility. The scope of the project included the operation of its distribution center in Coyol, which has an area of ​​15,000 m2, where more than 15,000 SKUs are managed and reception, picking, cross-docking, dispatch and inventory control processes are carried out.

    The process of accompanying the live departure lasted 10 days. From the first day it was possible to reach the complete dispatch of the orders to the stores. For this live exit, the mitigation of risks was considered as the seasonality of the business, the adequate communication and involvement of the different stakeholders and a very complete training plan for the end users.

    The owners of the processes, identified that the main benefits achieved with this implementation were, a greater traceability thanks to the control of serials, the automation of the process of the returns, the control of appointments for suppliers, the reduction of routes and times in the preparation , better integration with the ERP and improved visibility both at the operational and managerial level thanks to the incorporation of Infor Reporting.

    “It gave me peace of mind to be able to capture and monitor the issues that were presented and at the same time as they were assigning a person to finish it. That handling of situations, that control of the operation generates confidence and was one of the strengths of the live exit.” – Armando Molina, Project Manager and Group Logistics

    “A live output that seemed” easy “, thanks to the team work of a group committed to adding value, the proper management of the project and the management of organizational change” – Aimara Fagúndez, Project Manager of Cerca Technology.