Go-Live: Muebles Jamar

    Muebles Jamar, optimizes its picking processes by 30%, with the implementation of Voice, Vocollect technology. Training processes, continuous monitoring and operational efficiency were the key factors for successful implementation.

    Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, led the live exit of the implementation of voice technology in the main distribution center of Muebles Jamar located in Galapa.

    Go-Live of project: 22 October 2018

    In line with the digital transformation process that started the company since 2008 and after the implementation of Infor WMS in its CEDIS, Jamar, by October 2018 had the live exit of the implementation of Vocollect in the picking and storage processes at its Galapa distribution center in Barranquilla, Colombia. A space of 35,000 m2 that is considered the largest distribution center in the country in the furniture sector.

    The process of accompanying the live departure lasted one week. From the first day, operators felt motivated to see the ease of interacting with technology and the speed with which they could be linked to the workflow through the tool. Roberto Acosta, Data WMS Analyst and key user of the system, indicated that during this time there was an improvement in productivity of 30% in the operation.

    On the other hand, the owners of the processes stated that the key factors of the live output were the dynamics of the training, the continuous monitoring and the response times of the Cerca Technology team.

    Quote Muebles Jamar

    “At Muebles Jamar we are always interested in innovating in our Logistics processes with a view to delivering a promise of services always aimed at the satisfaction of our customers, that is why we aim to improve our operational technology with the new tool by Voice in our picking process; giving us the possibility of putting together orders based on verbal orders is a tool that offers the retail sector great competitive advantages over the traditional system; It is very simple and easy to learn for any new operator; The commands that the WMS sends to the operator are converted to voice commands through a Translator system. The operator works with headphones and microphone, receiving the indications to carry out their work and responding by voice the results of the same, this has given us a productive capacity of 30% improvement and its advantages are evident before the accuracy, decrease of errors, measurement of the personnel, speed in the assembling of order and therefore the reduction of costs “- Gilberto Hernandez, Director of Logistics Muebles Jamar.

    Quote Cerca Technology

    “The project team of Jamar has always been very willing to be agents of change, this facilitates the implementation of this type of solutions; In this opportunity, with the Jamar team, we were able to capitalize on benefits such as training new users in 1 hour, increase in productivity evident to the second week of operation, and end users satisfied with a tool that facilitates their work. We continue to search for efficiencies in the processes and apply voice technology in the review process and then roll-out to the other distribution centers of the organization “- Wilson Ortiz, Cerca Project Manager.

    About Muebles Jamar

    Muebles Jamar is a Colombian company that for 68 years has positioned itself as a leading company in the furniture industry of the country. Currently the company has 13 points of sale in Colombia, 4 in Panama and a team of around 1,000 employees.