Friosan, the 3PL specializing in frozen storage, implements Invas WMS.

    Friosan is a Chilean 3PL that started operations at the beginning of 2023, specializing in frozen storage. It is the first sustainable and automated logistics operator with a 100% robotized warehouse in Santiago de Chile, boasting over 15,000 pallet positions, each with a one-ton capacity.

    No operator works inside the chambers because they have 10 automated stacker cranes that are responsible for carrying and organizing the goods inside each of the 5 chambers.

    Friosan has a warehouse that is designed to be world class, given the structure it has in the reception and dispatch area, also known as antechamber; in addition to all the technology they have implemented for its operation.    

    What led Friosan to look for a WMS for their operation?

    Since the company started, there was a very clear objective, and that was to work on a value proposition and differential competitive advantage for their customers, where their operation would work successfully using the necessary technology.

    Friosan identified that, despite having the best automation in the cameras, it was necessary to incorporate a second system to deliver valuable information in real time to its customers, without jeopardizing the operation of the automated system itself or requiring external users to interact with the automation’s WMS.

    With such a clear roadmap from the beginning, the second step to continue leveraging their growth was to link a warehouse management software that would help them to have all the information and visibility of the inventory in real time as well as to control the receiving and dispatch processes more efficiently.

    Why did you choose Cerca Technology and Invas WMS?

    Invas is a regional Class WMS software, characterized by its flexibility and parameterization, offering advanced functionalities. Its scalability and ease of implementation have been decisive factors for the companies that have integrated it into their operations.

    During the selection process, Friosan learned about the experience of other customers with the solution and certified that the software would allow them to correct the issues in the processes of reception, storage, dispatch and data control.

    “We were reassured by the experience of the Cerca Technology team, the leadership they took in the implementation and consulting process was a great support. We felt supported by the team at all times. The trust was worth it, because the project went ahead successfully”.

    Patricio Lyon – General Manager Friosan

    What results did you achieve with the invas WMS implementation?

    • They improved the reliability of their inventory and reporting.
    • They achieved automation in the capture of 11 data points per pallet received.
    • They became owners of their process. In less than a month they eliminated manual templates.

    “Friosan’s clear vision together with a methodology of face-to-face and remote activities, allowed them to design new processes and implement improvements in both the short and long term. In this way, we were able to reduce time in receiving, dispatching and have visibility and control of the inventory”.

    Mary Romero – Project Manager, Cerca Technology

     What’s next for the future?

    Our client’s goal is to continue to leverage the growth of the company; for now their objective is to link the cameras to the operation. In this case, automation will always be the right hand of the company because it will help them to control that growth and allow them to achieve better results.

    Quote Cerca Technology

    “By implementing Invas WMS together with the Friosan team, we were able to enhance the operation’s processes to provide a better service to their customers and give them the peace of mind of having an operation with high standards.

    Our goal will continue to be to accompany partners such as Friosan in strengthening their portfolio of services, so that they can continue to grow in cold chain logistics and be part of their customers’ success”.

    Mary Romero – Project Manager Cerca Technology