Colombian company in the Retail – Fashion sector increased by more than 150% its productivity in the high-rise picking process

    “We found Infor WMS to be a very versatile solution and it could support us in all processes. In addition, one of the advantages that the technology team found is that being a multi-tenant solution will allow us to easily move to the cloud in a very short time.” Carlos Abello, Logistics Director at Cueros Velez

    Cueros Vélez, a Colombian company with a presence in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, and Peru, has 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of leather goods, accessories, and garments. 

    Their 6 production plants have vertical integration from the manufacture of leather in their tannery, through cutting and tailoring to reach their stores and customers through different channels. In 2016, the leather plant was inaugurated, this is considered one of the most modern in Latin America, with a production capacity of 30,000 hides per month under eco-friendly processes.

    What were the motivations for acquiring a WMS?

    One of the company’s strategic guidelines is to redesign the supply model, this strategy is composed of five action plans and one of them contemplates the implementation of a WMS. This is how, through the project called “Apollo 11”, they started to execute the supply chain digitalization strategy.

    How was the project implementation process?

    Internally, Cueros Velez applied a training methodology with theoretical and practical components simulating real scenarios, this allowed key users and operators not to feel alien to the processes and to have a successful live output. 

     This training process made part of the “Universidad Velez” methodology, an educational space created by the company to train employees in different areas of development of the organization.

    What were the most important challenges of the project?

    Cueros Velez had an important goal and in order to achieve it, the company decided to approach the project in two phases, the first one consisted of the implementation and stabilization of Infor’s WMS. The team knew that once the solution was running, the indicators would improve, however, to complement their strategy and bring productivity to the expected levels in the second phase the integration between the WMS and the automation was crucial

    “One of the big challenges was to have a stable solution implemented before the start of the 2021 season, and we achieved this in the company of Cerca Technology. Today the company has taken another step towards digitalization by having solutions such as WMS, ERP, WCS, and TMS communicate.” Carlos Abello, Logistics Director  

    What results did you obtain after implementing Infor’s WMS?

    • Productivity increase in height picking process of more than 150%.
    • Increased productivity in the sorting process by more than 150%.
    • Increased receiving productivity by more than 20%.
    • 3% service level improvements
    • Improved inventory visibility 100%
    • Improved customer satisfaction by 20%
    • Ease of decision-making 100%
    • Improved back-office processes by 100%

    “Today the leaders of the operation have the ease and versatility to measure and manage productivity with the different information dashboards that were created.” Carlos Abello, Logistics Director

    Cureos Vélez Quote

    “Infor’s WMS is a very intuitive tool, it has allowed us to have visibility of information in real-time and that facilitates decision-making at the moment we need it. From the beginning, Cerca Technology was interested in understanding the business and especially our needs; we have always had the support and willingness of the team. Paula Cardenas, Supply Chain Manager

    Quote Cerca Technology

    “One of the most relevant challenges of this project is the integration with the semi-automation that will facilitate the processing of orders, this will be a great advantage for the operation of Cueros Velez. I have no doubt that this duo will show great changes in the company’s management indicators.” Julian Lasso, NOLA Professional Services Manager, Cerca Technology