Dislicores Increase the Accuracy of your Inventories by 15%

    Industry: Food and Beverage

    Country: Colombia

    Who is Dislicores:

    Dislicores is a Colombian company, leader for more than 60 years in the commercialization of internationally prestigious products such as wines, spirits, tequilas, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, food and accessories, which are aimed at generating quality of life, pleasure and well-being.

    Currently this company of Antioquia origin has 24 points of operation nationwide and 19 own stores, from where it serves the B2C and B2B channels (Chains, Wholesalers, Travelers, Hotels, Restaurants and Cafe ) and distributes its product portfolio represented by more than 1,500 SKUs assets.

    The Need:

    Innovation, quality and service are part of the culture of this company. Motivated by these principles and by the growth of its operations and the incipient logistical challenges that encompass processes in planning and execution, Dislicores decides to start a project to implement a WMS system, in order to efficiently control, measure and respond to requests. of your clients.


    • Improved inventory accuracy by 15%
    • Increased control of batches and expiration dates by 100%
    • Reduction in receipt time, from 2 hours to 1 hour and 15 minutes
    • Improved visibility of the distribution center, thanks to the traceability offered by the WMS from the reception of products
    • Dispatch an average of 42 thousand units per day, of which an operator reaches a picking of 307 units in one hour
    • 80% decrease in dispatch errors


    “The selection process was not easy, however Cerca gave us the peace of mind that we would be choosing a very good tool that is being used by very important companies in the region” – Mabel Restrepo, Director of Logistics and Production at Dislicores.