Dislicores Had a Successful Go-Live during the Implementation of Infor SCE

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    Change management, accompaniment and applied methodology were the key factors duringg the go-live.

    Cerca Technology, a strategic technological partner for companies that seek to optimize their supply chain, led the live exit of the WMS implementation at the Dislicores distribution center located in Medellín.

    Project live departure: August 17, 2019

    In line with the digital transformation process that the company started last year, in August of this year, the team formed by Dislicores and Cerca Technology had a successful live departure from the Infor WMS implemented in the CeDi, where a operation of approximately 500 daily orders.

    The live departure was divided into two phases: planning that was the period of time in which the expert consultants of Cerca Technology learned about the processes and detected the strengths and weaknesses of the logistics operation of the company and implementation, where from the good practices and knowledge of the weaknesses were redesigned some processes and several pilots were launched that would later ensure a very quiet live start.

    The project involved approximately 13 people from both Dislicores and Cerca Technology. Mabel Restrepo, Director of Logistics and Production at Dislicores said that one of the three keys to the success of the project was change management; “Together with the area of ​​human talent, we led a very beautiful campaign with which we wanted older people who could have a resistance to technological change to feel motivated by the steps we are taking as a company and the benefits that this would bring them in their daily labors. ”

    Additionally, the Director of Logistics and Production said that the support received by the team of consultants during the planning stage and the methodology applied, had been the other two key factors of success in the project.

    Quote Dislicores

    “The dedication and commitment of the work team are aspects that guarantee that the objectives are met, however the fact that senior management and the other actors in the chain are involved will allow synergy at the organizational level and therefore decrease the impact on final customers. ”Mabel Restrepo, Director of Logistics and Production at Dislicores.

    Quote Cerca Technology

    “One of the most relevant challenges of this project was the integration with the ERP, developed by the Dislicores technology area in which 50 integrations had to be contemplated … On the other hand, among the key factors of the project’s success are the high-level team, with great mastery of the tool and knowledge of the business and without a doubt the staggered live exit strategy that allowed us to almost zero the impact of the learning curve and the stabilization of the implementation in a very short time” Wilson Ortiz, Commercial Manager Professional Services of Cerca Technology.

    About Dislicores

    Dislicores is a Colombian company, leader for more than 60 years in the marketing of internationally renowned products such as wines, spirits, tequilas, beers, non-alcoholic beverages, food and complementary products, which are aimed at generating quality of life, pleasure and well-being. The company over the years has reached national coverage through different channels such as Chains, Wholesalers, Travelers, Liquor and Horecas.


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