Corporate Social Responsibility: Fundación Segundos de Vida

Cerca Technology joins the work of the Seconds of Life Foundation, supporting the families of children with cancer in Colombia.

In Cerca Technology we recognize that integrality is one of the keys to success, that is why since the Management and Coordination of Human Talent, the Corporate Social Responsibility policy was launched since last January, demonstrating the commitment as a company of positively impacting social, environmental and economic improvement.

Within the framework of this policy, projects such as Eco-laborador are being carried out that seek to promote habits of care for natural resources inside and outside the company, as well as the relationship with the Seconds of Life Foundation, a non-profit organization that carries out a Continuous accompaniment, legal and psychological support, and a family basket for hundreds of children suffering from cancer and their families, who are going through difficult situations due to this disease.

With the support of Cerca collaborators who have added positively to this great initiative, we have established different activities in order to support the foundation. Monthly we make an economic donation, whose value is made up of 50% with contributions from employees and an additional 50% paid by the company, based on voluntary contributions.

Likewise, we support two social activities per quarter that point to the objectives of the foundation. Some of the activities have been: blood donation point in our offices; donation of toiletries; Volunteers for hospital parties and plastic caps collection points which are delivered to the foundation for later sale. With the money collected, food vouchers are bought for the mothers of children who receive treatments in hospitals.

We know that this is the beginning of many activities that we will support as a company, and we thank the collaborators and managers for making this possible. We invite our business partners to join these initiatives that certainly generate value and also positively impact our lives.


Julieth Giraldo

Human Talent Coordinator

Cerca Technology