Coflex, Mexico’s plumbing manufacturer, has chosen Infor WMS to increase its competitiveness.

    Cerca Technology is a technological company specializing in supply chain optimization. Announced that Coflex has selected Infor WMS as the software to achieve better inventory control, increase service levels, optimize resources, process information in real-time, facilitate decision-making, and improve productivity indicators.

    About Coflex

    Coflex is a Mexican company leader at national and international levels in the design, manufacture, and commercialization of products for the plumbing industry, with more than 30 years of experience serving the Mexican market and with exports to more than 20 countries in the Americas. Coflex has one of the world’s most modern and high-capacity plants so they can supply a large part of the current demand required by the market. The constant innovation implemented in its manufacturing processes, quality systems, and technology, as well as the professionalism and commitment of its human capital, positions Coflex as a world-class company.

    Project details

    The project has three main objectives. The first is to increase inventory accuracy, improve accuracy by reference/location, and obtain full traceability of products, in addition to offering quality products that provide comfort and calm to the end user. Secondly, Coflex seeks to increase operators’ productivity by applying best practices, maximizing warehouse space, managing logistics operation resources, and supporting the company’s growth.

    The third is to improve customer service, reduce delivery times, increase dispatch accuracy, have real-time visibility, and meet new customer needs.

    “We are going after excellence in our production and operational processes. The Infor WMS implementation represents a technological advance that will allow us to obtain benefits for our customers and collaborators by aligning the efficiency of our processes with the organization’s objectives.” Pedro Gonzalez, Director of Operations at Coflex.

    “We are confident that the professionalism of the project team formed by Coflex and Cerca Technology, together with the capabilities of Infor’s WMS, will allow us to achieve the objectives set for the company’s growth.” Luis Diaz, Commercial Manager Mexico at Cerca Technology