Codelpa bets on the search for greater operational efficiency based on voice technology with Cerca Technology and Honeywell Voice

    Cerca Technology, a technological technology partner for companies seeking to optimize their supply chain, led the live launch of the implementation of Honeywell Voice technology in the Codelpa Chile distribution center.

    Codelpa was born in 2011 after the merger of important Chilean brands such as Ceresita, Sipa, Chilcorrofín, and Soquina, becoming one of the most important paint and coating companies in the country. The trajectory and knowledge of the market of these four brands have allowed Codelpa to be recognized today as a highly competitive and innovative company in the industry.

    Continuing with the digital transformation process traced by the organization since 2015, voice technology for picking processes will be excluded from the logistics navigation chart, in order to seek greater productivity and safety in the process through the technology center of the distribution. The project was launched in July 2021.

    Project live output:

    The implementation of voice technology was successful from the setting of the objectives to the live output, mentioned José Miguel Miranda, Distribution and Logistics Manager; who added that thanks to the experience of having worked with Cerca Technology in the implementation of the Infor WMS, on this occasion they felt calm and expectant for the improvements in the operation and the working conditions of the team that supports the enlistment process.

    The project called “La Voz del Color” favors 24 operators who, before using Honeywell Voice, could take up to 26 minutes to prepare an average order, while now they do it in 22 minutes, saving time and reducing errors in the dispatch of orders. The foregoing takes into account only the last two months, so it is expected to reach a higher number in the first half of 2022.

    During the support process, communication, trust and the transfer of knowledge by the Cerca Technology team were key factors in the positive results, said Victor Arévalo, Head of Logistics Operations, even when there were mobility limitations due to the pandemic. On the other hand, the appropriation of the use of the new technology by the Codelpa team facilitated socialization and training among users, who were motivated by knowing the benefits that the tool would provide them.

    As part of the initial results, you will be prepared to show that a group of operators show higher productivity using Honeywell Voice compared to previous technology. In addition to improvements in indicators such as:

    • Productivity increase of 16%
    • 99.95% order picking accuracy
    • Reduction in training time of 50% compared to other technologies.

    “Codelpa continues to work on constantly updating its technological tools with the aim of improving the management indicators of the distribution center year after year, and we value the support and commitment that the Cerca Technology team gave us”

    José Miguel Miranda, Distribution and Logistics Manager at Codelpa

    “One of the main challenges of this project was the implementation in times of pandemic, the restrictions on mobility and attendance at the cedi were not inconveniences to carry out a successful implementation”

    “Additionally, among the key success factors of the project, the committed team with great mastery of the tool and knowledge of the business stand out, and without a doubt the go-live strategy, which led us to reduce the impact of the learning curve to almost zero. and probability of the solution in a very short time”

    Wilson Ortiz, Business Manager Professional Services at Cerca Technology