Cerca Technology expands its technological proposal for SMBs with invasWMS

    invas wms

    In order to strengthen the technological proposal to accompany medium and small companies in Latin America and the Caribbean to overcome their logistics challenges, Cerca Technology integrates invasWMS into its porfolio. A 100% cloud regional solution, flexible and easy to implement for the advanced management of inventories and distribution centers.

    InvasWMS is present in more than 17 cities in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile, operating in more than 100 distribution centers where more than 1,300 operators are already working with invasWMS, capable of processing more than 28,000 orders. per day.

    InvasWMS is the product of the combination of experience and dynamism at low cost. With more than 10 years of experience in the market of technologies applied to supply chains, it is a solution that has been designed to adapt to the size and complexities of companies. “Logistics performance and inventory management for SMBs should not be a concern, but a tool to improve profitability, improve their processes to respond to growth and above all guarantee an excellent level of customer service.” Bryan Buitrago, General Manager of Cerca Technology.

    Impruvex, a Chilean company that develops invasWMS, and Cerca Technology, a transnational company that implements world-class technological solutions for supply chains, make an experienced team available to all SMBs in the region to accompany their digital transformation projects, from the definition, implementation and achievement of results.

    “We were looking for a robust and at the same time flexible solution that would allow us to deliver excellence at a low cost, and we found that in invasWMS. The performance of the tool in the different industries and its total alignment with the needs of the market allows us not only to take our experience to other markets, but also to support the growth of the region.”

    Bryan Buitrago, General Manager at Cerca Technology

    “Cerca Technology is widely recognized for its leadership in the implementation of digital transformation projects for the Latin American market. With an experienced human talent that not only accompanies each project from start to finish, but they have also been participants in changes in best practices that seek to react to the current market”

    Ángel Barrios, Jaime Vio co-founders and Andrés Model, Partner- Director.