Cerca Technology Releases New Website!

    We are pleased to officially announce the launch of Cerca Technology new website, designed to facilitate website navigation and access to all content about our solutions, articles of interest, news and leadership team.

    The new structure of the page facilitates navigation not only from computers but also from mobile devices, allowing you access to our information from any device, including success stories segmented by industries and downloadable in PDF versions.

    The visual lightness, speed, dynamism and intuitive search flow were considerations that we had in mind to improve the user experience. Also, through the contact form you can subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates, invitations to events and communications of interest from month to month.

    Finally and in favor of the commercial relationship with our customers and partners, the new version of the website will also be available in English and Spanish.

    We would like to invite you to explore the new website and identify the new technological challenges your company may face in the process of a digital transformation of your supply chain.


    Lisette Hernández
    Digital Marketing Manager
    Cerca Technology