Cerca Connet 2016, a Complete Success!


    Dear Business Partners,

    We have successfully completed the 2nd edition of Cerca Connect and I would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks, on behalf of ourselves and that of the Cerca Technology team, because thanks to your assistance and your contributions, this event was a successful experience that we could verify with the satisfaction surveys and the expressions of admiration of the attendees.

    At Cerca Technology, Innovation is part of our DNA and we are looking for a constant transformation that benefits the entire logistics community. Hence, the creation of this Directorate has been born as a corporate purpose to guarantee the success of the Clients.

    This area will continue to consolidate the relationships of trust that Cerca has been able to establish with its clients for more than 20 years, around the technological evolution, always seeking that our value offer has a focus centered on you: our raison d’être.

    We are convinced that the success of our clients is the secret to achieve the commercial success as a whole. Therefore, from this direction, we are generating strategies that allow us to improve our technical skills but also our personal skills to proactively address their needs.

    This whole plan is based on our corporate values, which are the voice of our clients within the organization and that is why reaching the highest levels of satisfaction and quality are the guidelines that guide our actions.

    We know that our raison d’être goes beyond the provision of technological services that meet your requirements, but it becomes especially important, when we listen, understand and translate your needs into solutions that improve your productivity and make your customers happy.

    I am at your disposal from this direction, so that with the support of the human talent that makes it up, we can continue to contribute to the development of your business and continue to provide you with the best advice for the management of your supply chain.

    We hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter,