Case Study: Retycol

    Industry: Pharmaceutical

    Country: Colombia

    Description: Retycol is a successful Colombian company that was born in 1956 as a colony water production plant under the Johann Maria Farina license. After a few years, the process of expansion and diversification began that would make it a pioneer in the filling of aerosols in Colombia with propellant gases (friends of the environment), thus leading an important change in Colombia, eliminating the use of CTC.


    • Reliability in inventories of finished product step from 70% to more than 99% thanks to WMS.
    • Reliability of inventories in packing material from 60% to 94% and raw material from 55% to 90% thanks to WMS. Currently the process of continuous improvement is expected to reach 99% in the coming months.
    • Reduction in picking errors and delays due to material readings to be delivered to the plant.
    • Optimization of storage capacity to the point of having available capacity to support future growth without having to make expansion investments in storage areas.


    “We found in Cerca Technology a perfect ally for the implementation of Infor’s WMS, given their proven experience in multiple projects inside and outside Colombia and the excellent references we obtained from companies that have previously worked with Cerca Technology, were the reasons why we decided count on them to solve the challenges that our Supply Chain demands in terms of technology. Implementing Infor’s WMS solution is in accordance with our philosophy of working with world-class advanced technology” – Victor Bossio Nieto, Director of Inventories of Retycol.