Case Study: Rabié

    Industry: Retail

    Country: Chile

    Description: It has become the largest, most competitive and innovative company in the industry through a history of more than 100 years of effort and improvement that began with the founding of Casa Rabié in 1902 and the beginning of import operations of fabrics from Europe in 1925. Between the 50’s and 60’s, he experienced the diversification of the business, venturing into the forestry industry and into the financial and insurance fields. Distribuidora Rabié was born in 1980, under the slogan “the new distributor style”, with the precise objective of breaking with the traditional distribution systems existing at that date, which implies providing an integral service to customers.


    • Thanks to the identification by bar codes, it is ensured that the product dispatched corresponds to that requested by the customer or retailer. This causes the delivery errors to be substantially reduced
    • Minimization of billing errors. The invoice is generated exactly by the items dispensed, avoiding the discounts and corrections that had to be done in the past.