Case Study: Empresas Najri

    Empresas Najri, reaches 99.9% in the accuracy of inventory of its Distribution Center in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) through the implementation of INFOR SCE – WMS and does it by the hand of Cerca Technology.

    Empresas Najri is one of the most solid, dynamic and diverse conglomerates of the Dominican Republic, with participation in the country’s pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing and agroindustry. The group consists of 7 companies, including Login, a logistics operator that is responsible for the logistics management and distribution of the pharmaceutical business and personal care of the group, which includes the companies GOMEP, Dr. Collado and Sebastian.

    Login starts operations on January 2, 2010 in a space of 5000 m2, to date has a team of 46 workers in the warehouse of which 16 are in the picking area and 32 employees in the administrative and managerial area, On the other hand, due to the growth of the operation in the coming years the distribution center will have an extension of 1600 m2.

    Objectives for technological change

    Login as a member of Empresas Najri, is a company that has sought to be at the forefront of technology and innovation, in order to continuously improve their operational processes and provide a better service to their customers. This was how after having considerable improvements with the previous version of WMS and achieving automation of the operation, he decided to take a step forward with the implementation of the Infor SCE platform, in order to meet other demanding objectives of his day to day.

    • Increase productivity, which for them implies “doing more with less”
    • Achieve greater flexibility in logistics flows and enable new picking models
    • Enable the operation with new technological components present in Infor SCE, how advanced management of the workforce (LMS), billing of logistics services (Billing), voice technology, among others

    “Our operation manages and distributes important volumes daily, hence having a state-of-the-art system such as Infor SCE, which gives us greater flexibility, a set of functionalities such as TMS, LMS and Billing and allows us to continue with the support and system support, were the main motivations to implement this new platform.”- Sandy Tejada, Logistics Manager at Empresas Najri

    The Inclusion process of Infor SCE

    Thanks to the experience of previous implementation with Cerca Technology, the migration to the new technology of Infor SCE was transparent and positive, and in a short time they began to glimpse representative and advantageous changes for the daily operation of the Distribution Center, these were some of the results.

    Results obtained with Infor SCE

    • 600 to 650 picking per hour
    • Accuracy of inventory of more than 99.9%
    • Greater flexibility in logistics flows
    • Enabling dynamic picking model 

    The future of Najri with Infor SCE

    “We seek to implement in the near future, the components of Labor and Billing, because we know that this will allow us to know other benefits of the system which will be reflected in the operation of the company, at the same time to incorporate new management indicators based on these models” – Sandy Tejada, Logistics Manager at Empresas Najri.

    “Our relationship with Empresas Najri has been almost a decade, we have built a relationship of trusted allies where we help capitalize the company’s growth strategies in a market that brings new challenges, more demanding clients and where to be leveraged by technologies. of tip is almost a basic requirement to obtain good results, the project team and the commitment of the Management were determining factors to achieve these results “Wilson Ortiz – Manager of New Business Development – Cerca Technology