Case Study: Muebles Jamar

    Muebles Jamar Colombia

    Industry: Retail

    Country: Colombia and Panama

    Description: Jamar is the leading company in the design and marketing of home furnishings in Colombia. Throughout its 70 years of experience, the company has positioned itself as the ideal complement for happiness at home and its success has been thanks to the culture of innovation that it promotes. Today they have a presence in Colombia and Panama.

    The organization has bet on logistics development to fulfill one of its sales promises: “perfect deliveries”. Hence, they have executed two megaprojects such as the Atlantic Logistics Industrial Center, the first furniture cluster in Colombia that has 87 hectares, and the largest furniture CeDis in Colombia, which is also the second-largest in South America with 35,000 meters square meters and capacity to dispatch up to 32,000 monthly orders.


    • 15% increase in efficiency and productivity in picking tasks in the mattress area.
    • 20% increase in the level of customer service. Greater control and visibility over purchase orders, and the ability to prioritize work, have enabled improved customer service with complete deliveries.
    • 80% efficiency of real-time measurement of productivity and task news in voice-certified cages visualized through dashboards.

    “We began the search for a system that would allow us to reduce task times, unnecessary actions that will generate distraction in the picking process, that would facilitate the handling of products and at the same time be comfortable for the operators, increasing productivity and reducing errors. ”

    Gilberto Hernández, Logistics Director at Muebles Jamar