Case Study Megacentro | Megafrio

    Industry: Storage and Distribution Frozen, Refrigerated, and Dry food products.

    Country: Chile

    Who is Megafriochile?

    Megafrio is a logistics operator of the Food Industry of the Megacentro Group, an expert in storage, distribution, and comprehensive logistics services, recognized as the best support alternative for strengthening the supply chain of its customers. It provides services in its warehouses, covering a network throughout the Chilean territory.

    What were the motivations for acquiring a WMS?

    According to the strategic plan drawn up by Megafrio at the beginning of the project, Megafriochile would be the second logistics operator of the group that would carry out the implementation of Infor’s WMS in the Pedro Jorquera CD, Pudahuel.

    About the project

    By following the strategic plan drawn up with the implementation of Infor WMS, the company seeks to support the projected growth of the business, raise the levels of service provided to its customers, reduce its operating costs and maximize the capacity of its distribution centers. The most relevant challenges are related to the need to redefine operational and information management processes, both for the company and its customers. All this, without affecting the operational continuity of customers.

    Given the variety of operations in its different distribution centers, Megafrio has managed to have greater traceability and agility in its processes thanks to the implementation of the solution, where it can highlight the change management that reflects the team with rapid learning of management and use of the platform.

    “Since we started with the project we have had a very direct accompaniment from Cerca Technology, their good suggestions, both functional and from the development area, have allowed us to take advantage of the benefits and capabilities of the software, something fundamental when customizing the solution according to our needs. ” Makarena Guardia, Project Implementation Manager.

    What do you consider to be the keys to the success of this project?

    From the first moment, during the training, the correct definition of roles was made for those who are directly involved in the administration of the solution, a decision that has been key in the process. In addition, the CeDis that actively involve their operation and transfer knowledge show a very differentiating and successful result. “The relationship with Cerca Technology generates a lot of confidence in us because the team assigned to the project has been with us from the beginning, therefore they know our business and our challenges, so there is continuity and support” Makarena Guardia, Project Implementation Manager.

    What results did they get?

    Although the project is ambitious and encompasses a large number of clients and distribution centers, to date Megafrío has seen improvements such as:

    • Increased productivity in the picking process by more than 5%

    • Increased reception productivity by more than 50%

    • Improved inventory accuracy by 5%

    • Improved inventory visibility by 30%

    • Improvements in customer satisfaction 5%

    • Ease of decision making 10%

    • Improvement in administrative processes 40%

    Automation of key processes (receiving and storage, consolidation, replenishment, wave management and picking tasks, inventory accuracy)

    “Having partners such as Infor and Cerca Technology has allowed us to gain, in addition to improvements in our processes, great support from customers and reliability to acquire new contracts”

    Andres Schmidt, Manager of CD Pedro Jorquera.

    “The size and variety of clients served by Megalogística require a technological platform that is sufficiently adaptable. Infor CloudSuite WMS makes it possible not only to respond to this variety of operational requirements but also to simplify their technological administration. The integration of the functionalities of Infor CloudSuite WMS, the team of highly trained professionals designated for the project, and the clear definition and standardization of processes, has allowed us to achieve the proposed objectives”.

    Wilson Ortiz, SOLA Professional Services Manager.