Case Study: Laive S.A.

    Industry: Manufacture
    Country: Peru

    Description: It is a Peruvian food company with 107 years of history that is characterized by being a leader in innovation, staying at the forefront with state-of-the-art technologies and the strictest quality controls.


    • Productivity increased by 40%.
    • Efficient inventory control in the distribution center in real time.
    • Accuracy and speed: Decrease in dispatch errors due to the variety of SKUs and delivery agreements with customers.
    • Before implementation, the operation could support a maximum of approximately 500 tons. After the same it was possible to carry out the picking process for 700 tons with the same resources.


    As the months go by, the benefits that the implementation brings are maximized and provide substantial improvements for all those involved. The operators of the warehouse, have clarity of their times and hours of work maximizing their productivity and efficiency. The warehouse supervisor is confident that the inventory is up to date and can make decisions. In the commercial area they know when they have the stock and they have the peace of mind that it will be delivered to the customer on time, the Management is certain that the operation is supported by a technological tool that supports the growth of the organization – Elizabeth Ururi, Project Manager of Technology, Laive SA