Case Study: Grupo Gollo

    Industry: Distribution

    Country: Costa Rica

    Description: It is one of the companies with the highest growth and projection in the Costa Rican market. Founded in 1974, in the city of Alajuela, with only four employees, it grew with such speed that six years later, it already had 6 businesses that were opening the way for the brand.


    • The satisfaction of the customers in relation to the conformity of the orders, the delivery time, among others, increased by 35%
    • Reduction of errors by orders by 50%.
    • The number of units shipped increased by one due to the fact that more orders are served per day.


    “Each stage or phase of the project was accompanied by the Cerca Technology Project Manager, who acted as a guide for the company’s work team during the development of the implementation. In this way, a joint effort was finalized to culminate in the live exit to be successful and the first steps of the Gollo Group began in a systematized Distribution Center from the reception to the office”. Gilberto Rojas, Logístics Manager, Grupo Gollo.