Case Study: Forus

    Industry: Distribution

    Country: Chile

    Description: Chilean company leader in design, production, import and marketing of footwear, apparel and accessories of major brands with a powerful network of own stores in Chile, Colombia and Uruguay.

    In its 31 years, it has achieved a sustained growth in sales, an important participation in the market with its different brands and concepts, internationalization and a good profitability that allows it to look to the future with optimism and continue being the leader.


    • The satisfaction of the customers in relation to the conformity of the orders, the delivery time, among others, increased by 35%
    • Decrease of order errors by 50%
    • The number of units shipped increased by one due to the fact that more orders are served per day


    “There has definitely been a more efficient management of orders, the accuracy of the inventory was increased, the operation is better tracked and a general vision of the business is obtained through the indicators provided by the system to take actions”. Patricio Ramírez Project and Logistics Manager at Forus.