Case Study: Brinsa

    Industry: Manufacture

    Country: Colombia

    Description: It was born in 1994 from the purchase of the land and the old plant of Álcalis de Colombia to the Colombian state by private shareholders. Brinsa has established itself as a leader in the production and sale of salt for the REFISAL table, complementing the line with other types of salts such as dietetics, barbecue, salt crystals, flavored, among others. With the variety of salts, it is possible to satisfy specific needs of the consumer and other sectors of the economy such as textiles and food.


    • Optimization of storage capacity, supporting sales growth without making planned investments to expand the distribution center.
    • 37% reduction in waiting time at docks.


    “We selected Cerca Technology, for its experience and its solution is tested in high performance Distribution Centers. Cerca Technology proved to be a connoisseur of the subject and made available to Brinsa his experience in the construction of this type of solutions. One of the most important characteristics of them, is the methodology of implementation of projects, with knowledge transmission to the client, they proposed a friendly solution, stable and focused on better logistical practices” – Carmen Teresa de la Ossa, Supply Chain Manager of Brinsa SA